Body Shape & Smart Fit by Sarita Maheshwari Sharda, Certified Image Consultant

Body Types and Style

Your genetics have a lot to do with the changing of your body; Most of us don’t have a IDEAL body shape. Your genetics are set and there is nothing anyone can do about it. BUT I am telling you, you can make it look better by proper diet n exercise plan and wearing right clothes as per body shape.
Save yourself time and frustration. Learn to recognize the garment style or silhouette that matches most nearly your general figure type. Whatever the body shape once can still have a terrific time with fashion style, colors, fabric and accessories by following these 4 golden rules:

  1. The garment silhouette should be dominant and body silhouette subordinate.
  2. Highlight positive variation of body and hiding the variations.
  3. There should not be any distraction, try to achieve attraction.
  4. Attention should be upwards towards face.

What is Your Body Shape? Get an idea of your body shape so that you can determine what you wear:
1. Hour Glass:  This is considered the perfect body to everyone, Well-proportioned upper and lower body with a narrow waist.

hourglass-body-shape-Priyanka-ChopraClothes for Hour glass: The Style Aim for Hour Glass body is to minimize fullness on the upper and lower body, emphasize shoulder and neck area, lead attention upwards towards face, and fill out waist slightly as the waist is proportionally small. Smooth, loose fit over the entire figure would be appropriate. It is ideal shape Person having hour glass shape can wear all types of clothes like skirt and top, Saree and blouse etc.

hourglass body type

2. Inverted Triangle (apple shape): You have a full chest, upper back with no or little waist definition. You might appear top heavy. Your bust might appear bigger than your hips.

Clothes for inverted triangle: This may be the most desired body type for men, but not for women. In this type of figure for women we can minimize upper body by wearing set in sleeves and avoid puff sleeves as it will make the shoulder look wider. They can also wear three quarter sleeves as it will lead attention downwards. The ladies can wear A-line skirt with design details as this will also lead attention on the lower body. If they are not comfortable wearing skirt then they can opt for flared pants. In order to have a smooth loose fit above the waist they can wear top made of flowing fabric. Since this the ideal figure type for men we can enhance the inverted triangle body type.

3. Triangle body Shape (pear shape): Your hips and thighs are your body’s center stage. That means they’re wider than the rest of your body. Your shoulders are most likely narrow and you have a defined waist.

Clothes for Triangular body shape: Style aim is to counter Triangular shaped body is that we can minimize the lower section of the body and maximize the upper part of the body i.e the shoulders and chest/bust area. Therefore we will try to lead attention upwards. For example  with men ,accessories like tie will draw attention upwards and for women  scarf ,stole or make –up will draw attention upwards. Even short or half sleeves will draw attention upwards as when there is skin show it will lead attention to the area. In order to fill out shoulders we can use shoulder pads.

pear shaped body type

4. Rectangle: Your shape can look athletic with bust and hips of approximately the same width. You have little or no waist definition.

Clothes for Rectangle body shape: For this type of body type, we recommend that both men and women wear semi fitted clothes. They can both wear a belt to emphasis the waist. Men can wear flat front pants and women can wear straight to gently flared skirt. If women have nice firm arms they can wear sleeve-less or short –sleeve tops as it will lead attention upwards towards the face. Shoulder pads can be used to emphasis the shoulders.

5. Oval Figure: The oval figure types are generally above the average weight range for their height. Being larger throughout the figure, body lines are full-rounded curves with emphasis on width. The waistline is undefined. They are usually narrow on the shoulders.

Clothes for oval shape: The oval figure type requires you to lead attention inwards towards the waist, upwards towards the face and the shoulders need to be emphasized. In order to minimize body width and weight they can wear semi-fitted clothes and in order to add length they can wear clothes of same color family .e.g. sky blue on the upper body and navy blue on the lower body. If they wear shoes of the same color as the trouser, it will add to visual length to the body. Wearing shoulder pads will emphasize the shoulder area .Accessories like tie for men and scarves, necklace and make-up for women will help to lead attention upwards towards the face.
Attractive means that looking at you is a pleasant experience and nothing about your appearance is distracting. Everybody is unique with few ideal figures existing. Virtually every figure has some variations. If it is you, your child, parent, sibling, you need to recognize the variations and know how to dress or alter to camouflage or minimize it. This will enhance your personality and help you gain confidence.

apple shaped

sareeta-sharda1by Sarita Maheshwari Sharda, certified Image Consultant