7 Fashion Items That Can Secretly Hurt You


What factors do you consider when you get dressed in the morning? Weather, comfort, post-work plans, color, weight are maybe only some of the things you think before putting on your clothes every day. But, have you ever thought about how your choice of fashion affects your health?

Turns out that proper hygiene and common sense are not enough to keep you safe. Your trendy clothes may not always be friends with your body. Here is the list of the hazards hiding behind your favorite fashion items:

Super skinny jeans

Super skinny jeans are still in until now, as it can give slimmer silhouette to the wearer, both males and females. However, skinny jeans can compress nerves in the groin and legs, reducing blood flow to the lower legs. This can lead to muscle damage, swelling, and numbness. The tightness around your waist can also cause situation like acid reflux. Other than that, when you wear clothing that’s too tight, the fabric rubs against your skin, which disrupts the skin barrier that protects you from infections.

Heavy earrings

The bigger the earrings you’re wearing, the more damage you’re risking to your ear lobes. Big, heavy earrings can actually cause skin to sag, the piercing to enlarge, and in the most extreme cases, the lobe can even split in two. You need to pay a little extra attention if you have a sensitive skin, since some earrings are made from metal material that can irritate your skin.

Harsh fabrics

A report by Greenpeace shows that fabrics used by many major international brands are dyed and processed in such a way that they can cause hormone disruption in our bodies. The problem is it’s hard to determine what quality of dyes and fabric is used in the clothes we buy. Sourcing your clothes locally and from trusted sellers would be a better option. If you find allergic reactions such as redness, itchiness, and scaliness, it may be the signs to stop wearing it any longer.

Flip flops

Admit it, you have at least one pair of flip flops in your home. Sometimes we do not only wear flip flops to the beach, but also for daily footwear. However, flip flops offer little to no arch support for our feet, leading to heel pain, toes disfiguration, and trigger other aches and pains. Experts also say that flip flops expose your feet to all the gross things: bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can trigger an infection if you have so much as a hangnail or a microscopic skin tear and a weak immune system.

Heavy bags

If you love carrying your purse or sling bag on your shoulder, it may lead to back pain. However, it does not mean that backpacks are the solutions: studies have shown backpacks that weigh a mere 15-17 percent of body weight can cause back pain and spinal misalignment. Carrying a purse or briefcase in one hand with a straight arm and shoulder packed down to your side can reduce the risk of pain caused by carrying heavy bags wrongly.

Pointy footwear

Pointy footwear both for males and females may put unnecessary pressure on your toes, cause them to swell. They’re pretty, but when they’re suppressing the nerves between your toes, they’re not so pretty anymore.

Shape wear

This is especially popular among ladies. Shape wear may smoothen all the bulges, but it is detrimental to your health. When you wear a body shaper, it puts your organs under pressure, which is uncomfortable to wear. If you wear it too frequently or for longer durations of time, you can even end up with acid reflux, and in extreme cases, nerve damage.