7 Simple Tips to Get Best Food Photos with Your Smartphones


Food pictures are flooding the internet. It is not merely the food bloggers who devote their life writing and posting photos of foods. Most of these beautiful and delicious looking photographs, which look so professional, have been taken using just a smartphone camera!

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You too can master the art of taking amazing food photos with your smartphone with these simple tips:

  1. Use natural light
    Use natural light to take your photos whenever possible. Try getting up close to the restaurant’s or your kitchen’s window. If that isn’t an option, make use of any candle light or lamp lighting that’s in the room. Ambient lighting will create a much better effect on your picture than a harsh flash will.
  2. Turn off the flash
    The flash on your camera is one of the important things to ruin your picture. In professional photography, flashes are positioned in strategic places, to light certain aspects of a shot. The lamps are also often placed in a white box that will “filter” the lights. The flash phone on your phone is located right next to the lens, so when it goes off, it releases an arbitrary flash of light that highlights random elements of your pictures.
  3. Use the rule of 3s
    In photography, odd numbers work better than even. Three scoops of ice cream almost always look nicer than four, five muffins grouped together look better than six. The basic principle behind this rule is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so you have 9 parts. Now imagine if you have even number of foods in your photo—it would be difficult to divide it into 9 parts, right?
  4. Lock your focus
    Different cameras have different terminology, but if your camera has an AE (auto-exposure) or AF (auto-focus) function, use it. It allows you to touch your screen and specify the part of the image you most want to focus on. Once this function has been enabled, the camera remembers to focus on that area. Never zoom in your photo! Get as close to your object as you need to, to get nice capture. The more you zoom, the less chance the camera has to get a clear focus.
  5. Angle and centering
    Overhead shots never go wrong. If you’re having difficulty getting the camera to interpret the image you want, an overhead shot will simplify things and reduce elongation in your photos. This trick also gives your photos an elegant and classy look.
  6. Avoid crowding
    When it comes to shooting with a phone, pull items apart, create space and allow your camera to focus on the object. Always try to plate and photograph food that is prepared to be consumed by one person in one setting. The key is simple: less is more.
  7. Edit for effect
    Finish it with editing. Use editing apps to create more effects. Most smartphones come with built-in editing settings, however there are many good apps available that allow you to edit your pictures beyond what your phone can do. One of the most useful apps is VSCOcam. You can filter the photos, fix the balance, exposure, saturation, and many other things that need attention.

Do you love to capture your gastronomic journey? If you have more tips to take best food photos by using smartphone, don’t hesitate to share with us!