7 things you should never do to start your day


Do you agree that the tone of your day depends on how you begin your morning?

What you do to start your day undoubtedly will affect the rest of your day. If you feel that your day is lacking energy, you are groggy and your days are unproductive, you may be committing one of these common morning mistakes:

You hit the snooze button


Sleep specialists said that snooze alarms are not a good idea and you’ll likely wake up groggy instead of refreshed. When you hit snooze and fall back asleep, you actually enter a sleep cycle you won’t be able to finish. To avoid this, try going to sleep a little earlier to avoid hitting the snooze or keep your alarm clock or smart phone far enough away from your bed, that you’re forced to get up to shut it off.

You curl in your bed


Those who wake up curled like a cat tend to be much more stressed and sleepy throughout the day. Instead, when you wake up, stretch your legs and arms while you’re still lying in bed. The more you stretch the more confident and happy you will be during the day.

You check your emails


Do not check your emails or your social media accounts until you get to work. First, it will waste your time, and second, you do not need to upset yourself with unanswered work emails or nasty comments on your social media’s timeline.

You don’t make your bed


Although it sounds simple and not important, leaving your bed made is associated with increasing your productivity for the rest of the day. According to Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit”, making your bed is a “keystone habit” that starts a chain reaction of other good habits throughout the day.

You wake up in the dark


Our body’s internal clock is sensitive to light and darkness. If you wake up in low light, your brain could be confused and make you feel sleepy (because your brain thinks that it’s still sleeping time). So, when you wake up, open the curtains to let the sun light in. If it is still dark outside when you wake up, just turn on a strong light.

You have refined carbohydrate as your breakfast menu


Research shows that loading up on refined carbohydrates in the morning (those made with white flour: breads, pancakes, bagels etc) make you more likely to spring for junk foods throughout the day.

You drink your coffee before 9.30 am


Between 8 and 9 in the morning, our body produces large amounts of the energy-regulating hormone called cortisol. If you drink coffee before 9.30, your body will reduce production of cortisol and you will have less energy.