Anyone interested in learning to be smarter?

Anyone interested in learning to be smarter?

by Carl Massy: Now this is just a short article on how to make yourself smarter. It is really quite simple, but not many people actually ‘practice’ the simple steps necessary. In fact a lot of people practice exactly the opposite and as a result make themselves dumber.

I have a simple system in life where I say that every choice we make in life can put us closer to the CRAP end of a continuum or closer to the GREAT end. And obviously (I hope ;-)), the aim is to spend over 80% of your time up the GREAT end.

So now back to being smarter. There are obviously a number of things that you can do along the way, but I believe that when it comes time to make that GREAT decision; the aim is to be as relaxed as possible. Ever notice how the most relaxed person is able to handle any crisis in life the easiest. I know that if there is a crisis happening around me, I want the calmest person in charge, rather than the person that is completely blowing their top.

And here are some reasons why ‘calm’ makes you smarter:

  1. Your stomach is not contracted – making you breathe easier
  2. Because of the above you draw in more oxygen
  3. Muscles are not contracted, allowing for better blood flow (which is more oxygenated because of more oxygen)
  4. More oxygenated blood to the brain
  5. Blood is not flowing to your muscles, so you have more blood for your major organs (including your brain)
  6. You remain more conscious of the whole picture (the more tense you get the narrower your focus becomes)
  7. The higher your heart rate and blood pressure the more quickly you tire

I could keep going, but I am sure you get the message now. My other saying is that by getting angry (or agitated / annoyed / etc) you actually make yourself dumber.

So here’s to being calm. Here’s to being smarter. And here’s to spending a lot more time at the GREAT end of life…my super smart friend. 😉

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