50. Poem ‘Apramatta’ (Un-frenzied) of the book ‘Naibedya’ (Offering) written in 1901 A.D.

[Translator’s note: Devotion to God is not merely getting lost in chants, music and dance in His praise. It seems, this poem arises out of the Poet’s disapproval of such frenzy that characterized the earlier Vaishnavites, since gained international dimension through ISCON movement. True, this brings solace to one’s heart, but such personal craving should not be the goal of our devotion to God, which should have its solemn manifestation in various humane missions of our life, going beyond our self-interest even to our ordeal.]

The devotion, impatient with Thee,
Instantly yielding to dance and musical spree
In reverential impulse smeared,
Drowned in emotional bubbles myriad,
Let that not be
O Lord, for me.

Let devotion tranquil
My holy pitcher fill
To the brim
With nectar serene
In my life mundane
All dedications sane
Let branch out
In my missions devout
Be those nourished deep
Futile strives too not to nip
But let flower into joy
All my human ploy
Love universal may gratify
Even amidst grief high
With its illumination
Without burn, for my clear vision.
Holding the tears of emotion vain
Let mind be full, firm and solemn.