Are You a Compulsive Shopper?


Check the following traits to find out if you have a problem that needs immediate help:

  • You go shopping when you are emotionally upset, depressed or  annoyed.
  • When you reach home from a shopping trip, you find yourself hiding your purchases from your family.
  • You keep buying new clothes/shoes/make-up products/accessories, although you already have too many to keep count of.
  • You get a very pleasurable buzz when you are out shopping. You feel in control of your life.
  • You have spent more than you can afford while shopping.
  • You feel great when a store salesperson treats you with reverence.
  • You feel guilty about shopping, but only until your next jaunt.
  • Your spouse is angry about the amount you spend.
  • You find yourself selling jewellery, borrowing money or withdrawing money from fixed assets to go shopping.
  • You treat shopping as your own private guilty secret. You actually find yourself fantasising about shopping. And find yourself making up excuses to visit malls.


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