Bank SBI Indonesia: Trust Your Financial Needs With Us

Bank SBI Indonesia Trust Your Financial Needs With Us

PT Bank SBI Indonesia has its origin in 1970 by the formation of Bank Pasar Gunung Tampomas Jaya, renamed as PT Indomonex in 1990. State Bank of India acquired 76 % stake in 2006, took management control in 2007. In the year 2009, the Bank changed its name to Bank SBI Indonesia with intention to reflect the new ownership of SBI. In the same year, Bank SBI Indonesia attained the status as the Foreign Exchange Bank, which is authorised to engage in the foreign exchange transaction business. SBI acquired additional 23% in 2013, increasing its ownership to 99 %.

Bank SBI Indonesia is classified as KBMI I category and one amongst the 120 commercial banks in Indonesia. The classification is based on Core capital which is minimum Rp 3.00 Trillion. The present share of SBI in Equity capital is Rp. 3.209 Trillion, Balance sheet size of Rp 6.215 Trillion with profit of Rp 94.515 Billion as on 31st December 2023.

Bank SBI Indonesia: A Brief Business Overview of the Bank

Bank SBI Indonesia has it core business of providing Indonesia and India connect in Trade and Business. Bank provides Banking facility to Indian Diaspora through its 7 Branches and 4 Sub-branches spread across 5 major cities covering Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang to cover commercial and industrial areas of Indonesia.

SBI Indonesia Services
Bank SBI Indonesia Services

Bank SBI Indonesia being Indonesia Bank is focused on providing credit to Indonesian State Owned Enterprises and Corporate/Commercials with impeccable financials by providing finance under Syndication/Club Deals and Bilateral Loans. Bank also has Indo Indian Banking Business Division specially catering to the credit needs of India connected corporate who wish avail credit facility.

Dedicated Relationship Management, Ready at Your Service

Bank SBI Indonesia considers customers as the priority. We understand each business’ unique objectives and needs. From small, local, to multinational enterprises, Bank SBI Indonesia is ready to cater the diversity of businesses, by providing responsive, dependable assistance, attuned to your needs through our dedicated relationship managers.

 International Payment Made Easy with Bank SBI Indonesia

 Bank SBI Indonesia services extends further to facilitate International Banking, Trade and Remittance Business. Powered by State Bank of India, cross-border payment in Bank SBI Indonesia is available through SBI Express. Bank SBI Indonesia also provides remittance service through SWIFT for a broader spectrum of payments. Bank SBI Indonesia assures you safe, delay-free and reasonable cross-border payments.

Bank SBI Indonesia products and services are not only limited to Trade and Business. Find out more about our products and services through our official website