Be Careful! Some People Might Steal Your Go-Pay Balance


We can’t doubt the convenience we get from ride-hailing apps like Go-Jek, Grab, and Uber. Hailing a motorbike or car to go somewhere is now just one click away, no drama, and with cheap fare. These apps are also providing other services like food delivery, documents and goods delivery, and even housekeeping services. In short, our life seems simpler since the existence of these apps in our mobile phone.

However, the increasing number of the users of these apps comes with more security risks. Although the companies always ensure that the apps and services are safe for customers, you need to be careful with your account in these apps. Nowadays, many scams involving “stolen” ride-hailing apps account happen to unlucky customers. The recent ones happened to Go-Jek customers.

The modus operandi is as follow:

The main objective of the scammer is to steal the Go-Pay (one of Go-Jek payment methods). The victim will receive a text message from Go-Jek containing a request to input a verification code into the victim’s Go-Jek account.

In case you didn’t know, the verification code is used to log in into your Go-Jek account. When the scammers know your e-mail or mobile phone number you used for registering on Go-Jek, they can access your account. Of course, they need to know the verification code first—which explains this scam modus.

The next step, the victim will receive a phone call from someone who claims to be a Go-Jek staff. That scammer will ask the victim to mention the verification code, and promise the victim attractive prizes or money. This is where the doom starts: when the victim gives the verification code, their Go-Jek account is automatically ‘hacked’ by the scammer. The victim cannot access their account anymore.

After mentioning the verification code, the scammer will delude the victim with some kind of hypnotic tricks. The victim will eventually follow the scammer directions. The scammer will trick the victim to go to the ATM and transfer the money to the scammer’s Go-Pay account. Not only that, the scammer also steals remaining balance on the victim’s Go-Pay account.

The hypnotic effect usually remains for a few hours before the victim realizes that their account balance has gone to zero.

There have been many victims of this type of scam. Most of the victims admit that they thought that the caller was legit from Go-Jek, totally unaware that it was actually a scam.

To anticipate this type of scam, here’s what you can do:

  • If you never log in to your Go-Jek account in another device, always ignore the SMS containing the verification code.
  • Go-Jek never asks customer’s verification code.
  • If you receive a phone call claiming as a Go-Jek staff, just ignore it. You can verify this by contacting official customer service hotline of Go-Jek at 021-5025110.
  • If possible, do not share your mobile phone number on your social media. Anyone can use your number for ugly purposes.

Although this scam happens to Go-Jek users, but it does not mean that it cannot happen to the users of other apps like Grab or Uber. Always be careful in using these apps, and if you receive a fishy message or call, do not hesitate to contact the customer services of each app.

Grab Indonesia: 021-80648777 or
Uber Indonesia: Uber Indonesia cannot have a customer service hotline. You can reach for help via the HELP menu at Uber’s apps.

Always be careful!