Business Tips : 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers


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1. SAY thank you and smile. Project an image of someone that others will want to do business with. A good attitude is a powerful customer service tool.

2. OFFER a money back guarantee. If you won’t guarantee it, why would anyone buy it? Broken promises are a big source of customer dissatisfaction.

3. RESPOND promptly. Even if you don’t have the solution to the problem, keep your customers updated on your progress. Nobody wants to be kept guessing about what is going on.

4. LISTEN to the customer. Ask your customers questions. Find out why your customers buy from you. Find out what your customers care about most and what they think of your current service.

5. ANSWER the phone. A prompt answer and a pleasant greeting will start any type of phone call off on the right track. Identify yourself and ask how you can be of assistance to the caller.

6. SHOW customers how to save money using your products or services. Use case histories and let your satisfied customers show others how you helped solve their problems. Your customers need information and your expertise.

7. MAKE IT EASY to do business with you. From accepting payments to shipping orders, keep all customer records computerized and accessible by sales and phone representatives. Make it easy for your employees to take care of issues without having to get back to the customer.

8. WOW your customers. Under-promise and over-deliver. After your customer has made a purchase send a surprise welcome gift along with a handwritten thank you note. Make them feel good about their decision to buy from you.

9. PERSONALIZE all communication. With all the tools available today, you can easily customize your written correspondence. Customers want to be treated as individuals. Make them feel special.

10. TRAIN your employees. PLEASE! Your customers will appreciate employees who are courteous and knowledgeable. A trained employee will project a confident image to your customers. Teach problem solving skills so that employees are empowered to resolve problems and ultimately delight your customers!