8 Iconic Natural Attractions In and Around Jakarta

Jakarta, as a metropolitan city, is most known for its bustling nightlife and malls. It’s easy to say that that is all to Jakarta,...

List of International Medical Clinics in Jakarta

If you have a minor medical emergency where you don't need to go to the hospital but need to meet the doctor, then going...
Indoindians bazaar vendor registration

Vendor Registration for ONLINE Diwali Indoindians eBazaar 2020

Indoindians Bazaar - Experience a fusion of fashion, food and lifestyle. Quality DIWALI products by local vendors for lifestyle, home, fashion, food and education. LIVE...
Indoindians Artist Group

Indoindians Artists Group

The Indoindians Artist Group is made up of vibrant, dynamic and creative Indian artists in Indonesia. They support and share skills and techniques through workshops,...

List of Drive Thru Tests at JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Depok, South Tangerang,...

These days, checking whether you have COVID-19 is becoming a common occurrence, even if you are not exhibiting any signs of illness. However, checking...

All About Penjor & Janur Kuning: History, Meaning and Uses

Penjor or Janur Kuning are yellow coconut leaves that have been shaped or formed in intricate designs for various uses from traditional toys to...
Carrot and Beetroot Smoothie for Under Eye Dark Circles

Manage Under Eye Dark Circles by Geeta Seth

Nutritionist Geeta Seth shares 2 effective ways to combat under eye dark circles: Nutrition Under eye mask Carrot & Beetroot Smoothie Ingredients: 2 carrots 1 beetroot ...
Almond Sesame Natural Hair Mask by Geeta Seth

Almond Sesame Natural Hair Mask by Geeta Seth

Geeta Seth shares a natural hair mask which can be made easily at home for lustrous hair with ingredients easily found in the kitchen. Ingredients: ...
Homemade Orange Peel and Mint Facial Toner by Geeta Seth

Homemade Orange Peel Facial Toner & Mist by Geeta Seth

Here is a simple yet effective facial toner and face mist by nutritionist Geeta Seth, that can be made at home, using natural ingredients. Ingredients: ...
DIY Lip Balm and Mosquito Repellent with Rita Srivastava

DIY Workshop on Natural Lip Balm & Mosquito Repellent with Rita...

Save money, use natural products and go green:  A DIY workshop with Rita Srivastava to make 2 super useful products with all natural ingredients...

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