4 Types of COVID-19 Tests and Where to Get Tested in...

Coronavirus is a health risk that has plagued the world all around. For that reason, many health institutions are working around the clock in...

8 Restaurants & Cafes in Jakarta that Deliver 24×7

At times when the coronavirus is still at large, you will worry about the food you eat. Decrease your worry by eating at restaurants...

Are you ready for the ‘New Normal’?

This article will be updated as per the changing situation: A phased reopening under the so-called #new normal health protocols is in the plans from...
Recommended doctors in Jakarta

Recommended Medical Doctors in Jakarta

Print out this page and stick it on your refrigerator as a ready resource. A growing list of medical doctors recommended by the Indoindians...

10 Online Grocery Shopping Stores in Indonesia

Luckily, Indonesia already has numerous options for those who want grocery shopping done online. While only sitting at home, you will be able to...

Things to do during Self-Quarantine/Social Distancing

Although you are at home due to the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia, there are many ways to stay active and productive at home. Whether...
COVID Jakarta Helpline

COVID-19 Hotline and Hospitals in Jakarta

Pasien Virus Corona BEBAS BIAYA selama perawatan di rumah sakit, sesuai Keputusan MENTERI KESEHATAN Nomor HK.01.07/MENKES/104/104/2020 ☎☎☎ HOTLINE VIRUS CORONA KEMENKES RI: 021-5210411 081212123119 ☎☎☎ HOTLINE PEMPROV DKI Jakarta: 112 119 081388376955 Here is ...
Simran Nanwani Creating Healthier Lives.

Simran Nanwani: Practicing and sharing holistic health

It was very refreshing to meet Simran Nanwani, a registered nutritionist. She graduated with an honors degree in Nutrition from the University of Leeds....

#Jamu: 3 Places to Get Jamu in Jakarta

Prevention is always better than cure. In this era of health risks, having a robust immune system is the key to health. A strong...
Amrit Lakhiani an entrepreneur with a green thumb

Amrit Lakhiani – An Entrepreneur with a Green Thumb

Meet Amrit Lakhiani, a young serial entrepreneur with ventures in finance, real estate and now hydroponic farming. Amrit earned his Bachelor Degree in Finance...
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