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Julia Suryakusuma: Feminist, Mother and Author of Julia’s Jihad

Why don’t we all be pemangku kehidupan - carriers of life, embrace each other and our differences because that is what makes us Indonesians...

Reshma Wijaya Bhojwani, Founder of Saraswati Learning Center

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me….You may not realize it when it happens, but...

Malti Mulchandani, the founder of Pin-Up Treats Jakarta

If you love eggless, vegan and gluten-free cakes, Pin-Up Treats Jakarta is probably a familiar name for you. Behind those amazing, delicious artisan cakes,...
Firdos Dupattawala, the Owner of D’Bollywood Restaurant Jakarta

Firdos Dupattawala, the Owner of D’Bollywood Restaurant Jakarta

The Indoindians team visited D’Bollywood to meet with the owner, Firdos Dupattawala. It is indeed surprising to learn of how he started his restaurant. “I’m actually not coming...
arun kumar, gm westin hotel, jakarta

Arun Kumar: ‘Growing the Desire to Excel’ at the Westin Jakarta

Hospitality is one of the growth industries in Indonesia, to contribute towards the travel and tourism economy. Specifically, for hotels, it has shown significant growth. Indoindians recently...
avin pokardas

Avin Pokardas, Founder of BucketList Indonesia and Partner at JakartaVenue

Giving gifts is probably one of the things that can make us happy. The feeling when our friends or families receive gifts from us...
Perigon Fitness Studio Yogyakarta & Bootcamp Jakarta

Perigon Fitness Studio Yogyakarta & Bootcamp Jakarta

Perigon Fitness Studio (PFS) is a one-stop functional fitness center, based in Yogyakarta, established in March 2013. A key uniqueness of this fitness center is...