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5 Unique Restaurants in Jakarta

A good friend of mine once asked me: “Tell me what I can’t find in Jakarta.” Well, at that time I couldn’t answer because in...

Experiencing MRT Trial Run in Jakarta

For the first time in Jakarta, Indonesians will have the pleasure of riding the MRT. From the 12 to 23rd of March,  trial run ...
Running Communities in Jakarta

Running Communities in Jakarta

Running is one of the cheapest and easiest exercise to do every day — you only courage and time. And the best thing about running...

Parks in Jakarta – Here Are 6 That You Can Visit

Jakarta might seem like a forest of skyscrapers with no sight of green. Not to mention the traffic jams, bad air pollution, and all...

Jakarta is the 9th Most Dangerous Megacity for Women

Jakarta ranked as the 9th most dangerous megacity for women in The World’s Most Dangerous Megacities for Women 2017 poll, conducted by the Thomas...

Volunteering at Saraswati Learning Center

What is Saraswati Learning Center (SLC)? Saraswati Learning Center (SLC) is a non- profit organization working for children with special needs from newborn to 18...
Our Pick of 5 Best French Restaurants in Jakarta

#WhereToEat: Our Pick of 5 Best French Restaurants in Jakarta

Are you craving for a great French meal in Jakarta? Here is our pick of the best French restaurants in town: AMUZ Founded by Chef Gilles...

Top International Study Programs in Indonesian Universities

Education in Indonesia may have been limited to those speaking Indonesian language, but recently universities in Indonesia are trying to break out of their...
MRT and LRT, Jakarta’s New Rapid Transportation Modes

MRT and LRT, Jakarta’s New Rapid Transportation: Coming Soon

Jakarta will soon have integrated, fast, and affordable public transportation modes called MRT and LRT. Many countries around the world have already had the...
Foodies, Here are 5 Bakmi You Must Try in Jakarta

Foodies, Here are 5 Bakmi You #MustTry in Jakarta

Among the many types of noodles in Indonesia, Bakmi is probably one the favorite. It comes in a wide variety of choices—boiled, boiled with...