5 Recommended Travel Agencies in Indonesia


Indonesia is a country that is rich in culture, tradition and untouched nature. For that reason, travelling is one of the most popular and common past times. Many people prefer to head to the destination alone, but having a guide will save you time, money and discomfort. Travelling agencies already know the destination area inside-out and can give you the most amount of comfort and peace of mind.

Here are the list of travel agencies in Indonesia:


Three of the most popular tour packages you can choose for this travel is Karimunjawa, Derawan or BromoIjen. Other nature destinations are Dieng and Sempu. Stable prices, appropriate facilities, light down payments and special discounts are some of the reasons why you should pick this travel agency for your travels.



This travel agency is one of the recommended agencies in Indonesia. It offers trips from various locations like Maluku, Sumba, Wakatobi, Komodo Island, Waerebo, Sombori Island and much more. Kakaban tours offers various affordable packages, including trips especially dedicated for honeymoon. Newlyweds can choose between Derawan Maratua, Ora – Maluku, Komodo Island Flores or Gorontalo.


  • Jakarta Office:
    Jl Pal Batu 1 No.9, Menteng Dalam Tebet, Jakarta Selatan
    Phone: +62-2122831889, +62-81211888999, +62-8158812155
  • Balikpapan:
    Jl. Ruhui Rahayu No. 11 Ring Road Balikpapan
    Phone: +62-542873270, +62-81254200333
    Website: http://kakaban.co.id/
    E-Mail: info@kakabantrip.com

Butik trip

For a luxurious and comfortable trip, you can book a trip with Butik trip. It offers numerous destinations from the more popular East Sumba, Lasem village, Gorontalo, Tangkuban perahu, Gili Trawangan to the underrated and less-visited Jodipan village, Tondano lake and the Tirta Tempul temple. Couple retreats, short weekend getaways and week-long journey are some of the packages that it offers.



Featured by various news outlets such as Techinasia, Daily Social, ideabox, merdeka.com, METROTV and Wall Street Journal, Gogonesia has already proved its reputation as one of the most prominent travel agents in Indonesia. This travel agency offers many travel packages from Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Yogyakarta to Batam. Several of its most popular packages are destinations towards Lombok, Medan, Bogor, Gunung Parang, Pulau Macan, Samboja Lodge and much more.


  • Wisma Barito Pacific, Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 62-63, Jakarta
    Phone: +62-85850002010
    E-mail: hello@gogonesia.com
    Website: https://www.gogonesia.com/

Mister Aladin

For a modern touch, Mister Aladin is the perfect tour guide for you. There are many features to this tour-you can customize your own trips or choose your dream destination that is already packaged. You can choose from Gili – Mandalika, Bali, Mandalika Lombok and many more. Or else, you can even choose a destination according to your mood-whether you prefer to budget travel, travelling like a local, one that focuses on activities to those who prefer nature.


Travelling is meant to aspire happiness by opening your eyes of the world around you. Alas, travelers must be careful of accidents such as pickpocketing, choosing the wrong hotels and being deceived by the locals. All of that can be prevented by bringing a trustworthy guide who knows the area inside-out.

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