Malti Mulchandani, the founder of Pin-Up Treats Jakarta


If you love eggless, vegan and gluten-free cakes, Pin-Up Treats Jakarta is probably a familiar name for you. Behind those amazing, delicious artisan cakes, there is one person who is even more amazing – meet Malti Mulchandani, the founder of Pin-Up Treats, who recently shared her interesting views about life and the story behind Pin-Up Treats with Indoindians.

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Pin-Up Treats was started because Malti wanted to avoid the agony and regret of not giving herself a chance to share with others what eating good cakes really mean. It is safe to say that baking is her soul, not merely a commercial business.

“I am not a commercial baker, I am an artisan baker,” said Malti. “Baking is an avenue where I find the three pivotal aspects that I consistently need active and present in my life: Challenge, Solace & Happiness. I owe it to myself to that makes me happy,” she continued.

Malti sees herself as a passionate person yet reserved only for endeavors and matters that genuinely makes her a happier well-being. “One such endeavor is undeniably baking. Baking for me means more than words can elaborate and I do it with great respect for the ingredients and process,” she said. “Think of something that feeds your inner soul to the point where time becomes an obsolete factor—that is how I feel about baking,” explained Malti who also loves Latin dancing and designing clothes in addition to her passion in baking.

A woman with extraordinary perspectives, dreams, and goals in life, Malti believes that originality is valuable. “I disagree with the advice along the lines of “Be a jack of all trades and master of none.” I would argue that if one is good at something, be the best at it. In the gap of life’s start and finishing line, I have promised to myself that I will strive to give myself the best as I define it.”

We were quite surprised when Malti said that she has had no formal training in baking and cookery. “I have an esoteric love for baking. I sense a marvelous connection with cake ingredients. I surprise myself to the point where I assume a spiritual attitude towards it,” said Malti, who has Diploma in Management and Bachelors in Theology. “I cannot help but believe that this is a skill that has been bestowed upon me for reasons that benefits the population at large.”

Despite of her love for baking and the ‘natural talent’ she has, it does not mean that she found Pin-Up Treats recipes magically. She has spent good long times watching baking tutorial videos, testing recipes, and reading materials related to her field of work. But, she invests her time to it unconditionally. “That’s because of my love for baking. It has contributed to the making of who I am today and I love who I have become as a result of it.”

When we asked her about her role model, she said that the everyday people she intentionally or unintentionally came across through any means are. “I am extremely observant,” said Malti. “I don’t walk into a situation or scene intending to perform an analysis on the human subject yet it happens almost by default. I enjoy live theatrical performances or anything that is live in nature. I find people’s behaviors, choices, and reactions immensely entertaining and insightful.”

Thus she believes that she has learned life lessons from people around her and this influences the choices she makes. “They will continue to be both my positive and negative role models. I am convinced it does not get any better than this.”

Talking about gluten free/vegan lifestyle, Malti advices that before deciding to switch to this lifestyle, people need to understand their body and experiment with different diets. “We don’t look the same, and our biological wiring varies from one to another. If after having tried the vegan and gluten free way of life you feel positive changes occurring in your body and it’s proving to be health friendly, use those indications as the benchmark to continue,” said Malti. “At the end of the day, comply because you want to, not because you are pressured into doing so.”