Children Need a Harmonious Home

Children Need a Harmonious Home

by : D. Chandramouli

The best things in life are health, love, friendship, and most importantly, family. Marriage is a noble relationship a bond that shouldn’t be broken. The union is to last a life time. A successful marriage, it is said, requires falling in love many times, always with the same person, its a duet.

When a man and a woman marry, they become one the trouble starts when they try to decide which one ! Understanding the virtue of bending subduing ones ego, or the art of being flexible in married life is a key factor in a lasting marriage. Sometimes we bend so we wont break ! Not all family conflicts can be resolved. Sometimes agreement simply isn’t possible. But, most differences can be managed. Handled effectively, there is a good chance both parties will come out winners.

Getting along with another person surely demands tolerance. We shouldn’t be petty over silly matters or develop prejudices or false nations. Each day brings the opportunity to find some positive feature about ones partner and compliment him or her on it.

Men’s right or women’s right ?

The ongoing debate should never lose sight of children’s rights, which should get preeminence. The arrival of a baby brings parents even closer together. Parenting is a pleasure but it does carry obligations. Its the duty of parents, and society at large, to provide for children’s needs in terms of food, clothing, shelter, education and, above all, a healthy environment in which they can grow into decent human beings. All societal ills start at home, because the family is the basic element of a community.

Childhood is a wonderful time. It should be free from anxieties and tensions.

Children are dependents. Their welfare and happiness should be paramount in any scheme of things. A harmonious relationship between husband and wife is a must, not only for their own sake, but also for the sake of their children. Parents must desist from quarreling or fighting in front of their children. They have to minimize friction and seek out common areas of interest. Children learn from their experiences.

A child needs a supportive home. Once a child has been brought into a marriage, there should be no room for divorces. A quote from Readers Digest is pertinent here : ” A broken toy is as great a matter to the child as a lost crown to a king.” What can we say about broken marriages and the consequent trauma for the children affected? The absence of one parent does create a tremendous imbalance during a childs formative years. The psychological scars inflicted on children by their parents separation remain for many years.

In all fairness, children must have the right to expect that their parents live together. Children are gifts from God. Their rights should be considered divine. Isn’t it fair that the rights of children should necessarily override the parents individual rights ?