Countdown to The Party


Countdown to The Party

Having a party is one of the fun things to do in life. You get to enjoy yourself with your family or friends. Meeting new people is also something that happens often in a party. Yet planning for one? It is a stressful experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you prepare it as per the deadlines mentioned below.


  • Decide when to have the party
  • Where?
  • Book a hall if you need to (you many need more time them a month)
  • Book an entertainer if you need to (again you may need more than a month)
  • Decide who to invite
  • Order the cake (if you need to)
  • Make or buy invitations

There weeks before the party

  • Send out the invitation


Two weeks before the party

  • Buy the decorations: balloons, streamers, tinsel, any decorations to aid your theme
  • Buy the party tableware: plates, napkins, tablecloth, plastic cutlery and cups
  • Plan the menu
  • Organize your child’s costume or clothing
  • Tape the music for the party


One week before the party

  • Check the guest listโ€œ Who is coming?
  • Buy the party prize
  • Buy the goodies for the party bags
  • Make or buy the cake
  • Check that you have candles and matches for the cake
  • Check the booking if you are hiring somewhere
  • Check the booking if you are hiring an entertainer
  • Put film in the camera
  • Organize sticky labels


Four days before the party

Organize a party prop boxโ€œ each age group should have the following items inside;

  • Party prizes
  • Music/cassettes and something to play them on
  • Sticky name labels
  • Party plan

Additional items needed for each age range are listed in the appropriate chapters.

Two days before the party

Check the cake

  • Do the food shopping (don’t forget the adults)
  • The day before the party
  • Check you have all the food you need
  • Prepare the food as much as possible
  • Check the party prop box
  • Get the party bags ready


The day of the party

If at home:

  • Check the house is ready, with breakable, and any potentially dangerous objects out of the way, not too many toys around, pets out of the way, an adult’s area
  • Put up decorations
  • Lay out food tables
  • Candles on the cake, sharp knife
  • Party prop box ready
  • Party bags ready for action
  • Music at the ready
  • Balloons on the door.