Creative Dessert: Jelly Flower Art by Komal Pamnani


‘You make this dessert for people you really love’ said Komal Pamnani of the jelly art pudding she demonstrated at the 3rd What’s Up chef event. She had first made this pudding to welcome her son home. It requires a lot of planning to put together this work of art which is visually appealing and tastes delicious.


Part 1:

2 Packets             Jelly Plain / Nutrijell tanpa Rasa plain

200gr                    Sugar

1200ml                 Water

¼ tsp (optional)  Vanilla powder

Part 2:

900ml                   Water

150gr                    Sugar

100ml – 3 Sachet or Milk plain – Milkmaid/Susu kental manis

1 Sachet               Agar agar plain /Nutrijell Agarasa plain or vanilla flavor

Food coloring

Part 3:

600ml                   Water

1 Sachet               Milkmaid/Susu kental manis

1 Packet               Jelly plain / Nutrijell tanpa rasa


Flavored milk powder – mango/bubblegum/green tea etc.

Or Instead of Part 3 – Just use Nutrijell pudding ready mix

All the above ingredients will make around 10 – 12 cups.


Mix all of part 1 with the water, stir well until dissolved. Boil and keep removing any scum formed. Strain to remove left over scum. Ensure that there are No bubbles. Put in small molds or any transparent dish as desired. Store in refrigerator until set.

Mix part 2 as per the instruction on the packet. If using Milkmaid, reduce sugar quantity. Keep a lid on it and keep warm at all times. This is used for making Jelly flowers. Divide into small cups and add desired colors.

Tip# If it thickens while making flowers, warm it again in microwave or keep in hot water basin nearby.

Tip# Mix food color little at a time in small cups

Tip# If too much leftover, you can add jelly plain, sugar and flavored milk powder to make pudding (like in part 3)

Make Pudding, as per the instruction of the pudding mix. Prick Jelly with fork and then pour pudding over the Jelly and keep in refrigerator until set.

Turn over on a plate and your Jelly Art is ready to serve.

jelly art by komal pamnani
The final Jelly
side view of jelly art by komal pamnani
Side View with flower details

The Tools required are available online (Lazada)

Komal Pamnani, Whatsapp only(+62 8121 3162 092)