Discover the Magic of Cardamom Coffee

Discover the Magic of Cardamom Coffee

I just love coffee and have to stop myself from having too many cups in a day! I also like to walk through coffee shops to inhale the coffee fragrance. At home I drink it black – just a spoonful of coffee grounds and add hot water – a simple and easy caffeine fix.

My neighbor with a shared passion for coffee sent me a few sachets of Turkish cardamom flavored coffee, and I was hooked.

I love coffee, and I love cardamom.

According to Google, spiced coffee (most commonly cardamom, cinnamon or nutmeg) has its roots firmly planted in the rich traditions of the Middle East. It’s a beverage that weaves together the bold flavors of coffee with the warm and slightly spicy notes of cardamom. The marriage of these two distinct elements creates a brew that’s both aromatic and flavorful, making it a favorite among those who seek unique and sophisticated coffee experiences.

Cardamom pods
Cardamom pods

So, in the cardamom-spiced version, my two favorite flavors into one magical concoction. It has the kick of a strong black coffee but the emotive overtones of the beautifully scented cardamom pod.

Cardamom is a peppery, zesty citrus flavor, similar to ginger with hints of lemon and mint — and it is the richness of the floral aromas that make this unique seed a sure-fire way to add warmth to the soul when savored with coffee.

Here’s how you can enjoy a fuss-free cardamom scented coffee:

To a cup add 1 teaspoon of coffee powder + 1 crushed cardamom pod. Pour boiling water. Add sugar to taste, stir and enjoy! Breathe deep and sip happily. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I usually drink plain coffee, but you can add some cream or milk foam if you like.

Coffee is not just a drink but a moment of tranquility, a ritual that invites you to pause and immerse yourself in the flavors and aromas. So, why not start your day with a cup of cardamom coffee?

by Poonam Sagar