Dos and Don’ts for Importing of Personal Effects, To and From Indonesia

importDos for Import – Documents required.

Dos for Foreigners – Documents required:

  • Original Passport
  • Original KITAS (residency permit) with minimum validity full 12 months.
  • Original IMTA (working permit), with minimum validity full 12 months.
  • Scan Copy KITAS Online
  • Original Packing List
  • Original Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

Dos for Returning Indonesian Residents:

  • Have been out of Indonesia for at least 1 year with gainful employment, proven with the statement letter from your employer
  • Obtain a Reference letter from the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate at origin stating the reason for and duration of staying overseas.
  • Must have packing list which certified by the Embassy prior departure
  • Original Passport
  • Original Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

Dos for Diplomatic / Semi Diplomatic shipment:

  • Proof of Diplomatic Status, Dinas Passport
  • Diplomatic (Embassy) : PP 8 Form, which the Embassy in Jakarta applies for from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department Luar Negri / DEPLU). It takes approx. 2 – 3 weeks to obtain this form.
  • Semi-Diplomatic (i.e.: UN, UNICEF, WHO): Form PP-19, approved by the Indonesian State-Secretary (Sekretariat Negara). It takes about 2-3 weeks to obtain the form.
  • Original packing List
  • Original Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Verbal Note from the Embassy
  • Need a copy passport from authorities in the embassy (who signed in the PP 8 form)

Important notes for Import Customs Clearance Process in Jakarta, Indonesia:

For the sea shipment, the average time for customs clearance after arrival is approximately 5 -8 working days. And for the air shipment, the average customs clearance time is approximately 2-4 working days. Note: working days are Monday to Friday only.

Air Shipments
All air shipments are physically inspected by Customs at the air terminal (except a diplomatic shipment).

Sea Shipments
All sea shipments undergo a physical Customs inspection (except a diplomatic shipment

Don’ts for import

Items which will potentially cause problems in clearing a personal effects shipment through customs:

  • Anything new or packed in an original factory carton and which appears new is dutiable (all items should have been used by the importer for at least one year).
  • Motor vehicles (incl. motorcycles, motorized buggy) are strictly prohibited except for diplomatic shipment.
  • DVD’s, CDs videos etc. can be imported in reasonable quantities providing they are not new, pornographic or politically sensitive.
  • Statues are sensitive items. If they are suspected as pre historical statues, then customs will hold them and take them to Indonesian Directorate of History and Archeology to be examined.
  • Any major electrical item which are not in reasonable quantity.
  • Any item which is motorized (motorcycle, jet-ski, etc.).
  • Anything which is not customarily found in a home.
  • Alcohol (wine & liquor & beer) and tobacco are strictly prohibited.
  • Food items – Only non perishable food items maybe imported in small amounts.
  • Firearms and drugs are strictly prohibited.
Dos and Don’ts for Exporting a personal effects from Indonesia

Required export customs documents:

For an expatriate (Non Diplomatic shipment):

  • Surat Kuasa (Authorization letter)
  • Surat Pernyataan (Reference letter)
  • Surat Keterangan Perusahaan (Statement letter from the company)
  • Copy passport
  • Copy KITAS (residency permit) with EPO (exit permit only)
  • Copy IMTA (work permit)
  • Packing list

Diplomatic shipment:

  • Surat Kuasa (Authorization letter)
  • Surat Pernyataan (Statement letter)
  • Surat Keterangan dari kedutaan (reference letter from the respective embassy)
  • Copy of passport
  • ID Card
  • Indonesian Visa (in the passport)
  • Permit to leave Indonesia (in the passport)
  • Packing list
Document for sending vehicle:

Documents required :

  • Client passport
  • Registration certificate (Title )
  • Original Purchase invoice
  • Driving license
  • Insurance certificate
Don’ts for Export
  • Electrical items (e.g. TV, DVDs player, stereo set), new furniture will be subject to tax at the destination.


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