Drink Like A Lady


All women love attention. But, the worst way to draw attention— the negative kind—is to make a fool of yourself, especially where alcohol is concerned. Follow these rules, hold your drink, and your self-respect!

No surprises please!

Never order anything you don’t under­ stand. A harmless cocktail could turn out to be lethal. If you can’t handle your drinks, simply stick to your regular poison.

Don’t talk to strangers!

While your buddies will perhaps understand your post-too-many-drinks giggles, strangers might not be that accommodating. Restrict your glasses when out with people you don’t know. Why be their entertainment?
A glassy affair…

Every glass is not your beer mug. You need to know how to handle a glass while drink­ ing. If it’s tall, hold it in the centre. If it’s squat, place it on your palm. If it has a stem, place the stem between your index and middle fin­ ger and let the glass rest on your palm.

Did you snack?

All style goes flying out of the window if you start throwing up. That happens if you either mix different alcohols or if you drink on an empty stomach. Avoid both!

Order a mocktail, be cool!

Last, but not the least, if you are not comfortable drinking or don’t want to order alcohol, just don’t. Stick to something non-alcoholic.