#EventReport: IndoIndians Sushi Workshop


Indoindians sushi class was a fun filled event held at Hotel JW Marriott Jakarta. 25 participants had a great time learning this Japanese finger food with the experts chefs. Participants worked on their individual workstations with all the ingredients and supplies provided. Not only were they able to make sushi with a professional chef but also enjoy the sushi they made.

First and foremost, the sushi chef teaches the class on how to make and season the rice to make the sushi.

Chef Heri preparing the rice to make sushi

The process is actually very simple, for the participants lay down the filling ingredients on the nori (seaweed sheet) which is then rolled with the help of a bamboo mat and. Once rolled, which is the tricky part, it can be cut into sections to be served along with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi.

Participants watching the chef make sushi while getting ready with their fillings. 

Participants ready to roll their makizushi while watching Chef Heri.

The steps are almost complete, for all they need to do is roll the sushi gently to the shape of a cylinder then cut it up. Rolling sushi is one of the most difficult aspects while making sushi as there needs to be a special technique to make the roll even.

Participants rolling their makizushi. 

Chef Heri giving instructions and tips for participants. 

The class ended with happy participants who were satisfied with their new sushi making skills. They even packed the sushi to take home to their family.

More photographs from the event on facebook as below:

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