#EventReport: Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation Workshop

Indoindians Introduction to Mediation online session was facilitated by coach Shalini Matai. It was an interactive session which answered queries and led the participants through a guided meditation.

She explained that Meditation is essentially a sitting practice. Everything else is just preparation (such as visualization practice) to get you into meditation state of mind. There are many benefits of meditation, one of it is that it develops objectivity and trust as you develop a balcony view of your thoughts.

The process goes such as this: the participant sits in silence to witness thought and breath without responding; as he /she witnesses this, it leads to equanimity and detachment; then, your mind releases the limiting blocks and patterns from the subconscious mind; as a result, you will be able to creatively respond to life’s challenges creatively; lastly, this results in the participant having constant connection to a larger whole-they trust life’s unfolding as a means to learn and grow.

Other than that, posture is also important in meditating. There are a variety, but the generally accepted ones are sitting in a chair or sitting cross-legged in various forms while holding hands with thumbs touching each other. Slumping or sitting in a chair cross legged are not recommended for it disrupts the energy flow of meditation.

Introduction to Meditation workshopMeditation session:
1. Sit with your hands clasped towards each other
2. Sit in the ‘yoga’ position
3. Breathe in and out 5 seconds each. This is to relax the mind.
4. To relax the body, relax your jaw. Then relax your tongue.
5. To relax your heart, put your hands in your spiritual heart and smile
6. Focus interchangeably from the breath to your mind
7.A great deal of energy rests in your palm of your hands. Rub them together, then put it on your face. You will feel that this is very refreshing.

If you were a participant in this session, do share your feedback in the comments below.