Fab Abs in 7 Easy Steps


Who doesn’t want to have a toned abs? Unfortunately many people give up on their way to reaching their goal just because they cannot bear the boring process to get rid of their belly fat. It does not mean that getting a fabulous abs is impossible, though.

The one important thing you need to do is enjoy the progress. Nothing comes easy; all requires time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. Signing in a gym and hire a personal trainer to help you reach your goal is alright, but you also can get six pack abs without gym.

Regardless of the method you use to get a toned abs, these seven things are also able to keep you on the track to a fit-looking physique.

1. Like your food

Abs is more often made in the kitchen, not in gym. All you need to do is to opt for home-made healthy food options. Unfortunately, most healthy food tastes disgusting. One has to learn how to enjoy disgusting to make a diet work. So when you eat healthy, enjoy it, even if you’re fantasizing about your cheat meal (Point 4!)

2. Don’t crunch… Do squats!

Doing countless abdominal crunches and leg raises won’t get you anywhere. Use compound movements where you are using more muscles than one. Squats are great and work your entire body. Make sure they’re an essential part of your routine.

3. Become a fruitarian

It’s time to stop piling those chips and chocolates at your kitchen cabinet, and stock fruits instead. Besides the nutritional kick, the natural sugar content gives you instant energy minus the unhealthy fat. Snack on them when you get the munchies!

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4. Don’t forget to cheat!

Once in a while, cut yourself some slacks by enjoying your favorite snacks, desserts, or food.  A week off and a few scoops of ice cream don’t hurt your body or your routine.

5. Dance your way to that 6-pack

Shaking a leg is one of the most effective workouts. Not only is dancing a great cardio routine, it chisels your core and limbers up your joints. It’s fun, you don’t get tired.

6. Chart your own path

Go to bed right after dinner even though science frowns upon it. It helps you sleep well. Don’t follow rules blindly. See what works best for you.

7. Enjoy the rewards

When it comes to exercising, get your mind in the right place and your body will follow. if you allow stress to get the better of you, it will drag you down. Channel your negative emotions into a grueling workout: You’ll perform better and feel much happier.