7 Benefits of Doing Squats Regularly


Squats are one exercise which should be part of everyone’s workout routine, regardless of age, gender or fitness goals. It is not only for your legs, it benefits the whole body in a multitude of ways. If squats are performed consistently and with perfect form, they are one of the most powerful movements you can possibly do to tone your body.

Here are the reasons why you should do squats regularly:

It increases entire body strength and muscle

It is obvious that squats build strong legs which help support the entire body. If you’re squatting correctly, it will trigger your body to release more testosterone and the human growth hormone, both of which are imperative for building muscle and increasing muscle mass, especially when you work out other areas of your body.

It increases flexibility

Flexibility is an important aspect of injury prevention, and should be a consideration in any well-rounded workout plan. Our muscles become less elastic as we age, so doing all we can to slow down this process is recommended. Doing squats regularly will see you limber up and become more flexible as they involve bending and stretching of the leg muscles including the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

It improves blood circulation

If you ever experience numbness, tingling or feeling coldness in your extremities, it could be caused by poor blood circulation. Our circulatory system relies heavily on bodily movement to function properly; which is why exercise, including squats, is one of the best preventative steps you can take to overcome poor circulation.

It is good for digestion

Squats help in the removal of waste from the body, while delivering nutrition to all tissues, including organs and glands. They also help the movement of feces through the colon and contribute to more regular bowel movements. Say bye to indigestion!

It burns more calories

Squats do not only tone your muscles, they also burn calories. As you tone and build your muscles, you are burning more and more calories, so squats make a superb general workout for health and weight loss, as well as being a specific muscle toning exercise.

It maintains mobility and balance

Strong legs are crucial for staying mobile as you get older, and squats are phenomenal for increasing leg strength. They also work out your core, stabilizing muscles, which will help you to maintain balance, while also improving coordination between your nerves and muscle groups.

It makes your daily tasks easier

This exercise promotes mobility and balance, which will help you to do your daily activities with ease. Performing squats means that you build muscle and improve flexibility, core strength, bone and joint health, mobility and balance—all of which lead to a more efficient body for doing daily tasks.

We have discussed the benefits of doing squats. Now, let’s talk about the proper way to perform a squat. Here’s how to do the basic squat:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward
  2. Place your hands on your thighs, gaze upwards and lift your chest high
  3. Bend your knees, placing weight on the heels, and sit back
  4. Keeping the head and chest upright, slide your hands down your thighs, ending where your elbows reach your knees (your knees should not go beyond your toes). Hold for five seconds.
  5. Rise up, pressing through the heels, and straighten out the hips until you’re in the starting position
  6. Repeat 15 to 20 times, for 2 or 3 sets for beginners, and at least two to three times a week.

Check the tutorial below:

Remember, if you have any health issues like joint problems or back trouble, always speak with your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine.