Fortune On Your Palms



All of us aspire for better fortunes. Indian ascetics asked to have a look at both palms before leaving the bed in the morning for good fortune and luck. The palm is miraculous. As Acharya Vikramaditya puts it, the palm acts as a mirror of the individual’s personality.

Karagre vasate Lakshmi
karmadhye Saraswati,
Karmule Govindaha
prabhate kar darshanam

Meaning: On the top of the palm resides Lakshmi, in the middle Saraswati, and on the base Lord Krishna. Therefore one should look at the palms each morning.

If you desire improvement of fortunes, invigoration and achievement in life, then rise early in the morning and have a look at both the palms. Then, rub both palms on the visage lightly.
Sit in a relaxed position with elbows by your sides.
Raise your hands to the heart-level with palms facing up. While doing so, let the little fingers of both hands touch each other along the length. The rest of the fingers should be spread apart.
& Also, rise early and observe your breath โ€” note from which nostril breathing is taking place clearly {right or left). As soon as you realize that, look at the palm of the same side and massage the face with the same palm. Again after looking at both palms rub them on your visage lightly. We have analyzed multi-dimensional development scientifically through the fortune-awakening process of Swar Vigyan.

By experimenting with these process, it has been proved that people are able to do miracles in daily life. Regular practioners of this method are seen to have a unique glow or attraction on their faces. It has been observed that by virtue of this aura, persons engaged in diurnal activities like businesses, can impress others easily.