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Jakarta Fair 2024

How to buy Jakarta Fair 2024 tickets? The Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK), also known as Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ), is being held again this year at JIEXPO Arena, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta from Wednesday, 12 June to Sunday, 14 July 2024.

Jakarta Fair Kemayoran is the largest exhibition and entertainment event in Southeast Asia. The theme for the 2024 Jakarta Fair is “”Jakarta Fair Supports National Economic Growth in Indonesia” While the sub-theme is “Encouraging Innovation, Industrialization and Maximum Creativity.

The fair features a variety of exhibitions, from consumer goods and automotive products to handicrafts and culinary delights. It also hosts music concerts, traditional performances, and a range of competitions, making it a family-friendly event.

The Jakarta Fair not only stimulates the local economy by providing a platform for businesses but also fosters cultural appreciation and community spirit. It’s a significant event for both locals and tourists, celebrating Jakarta’s dynamic growth and cultural diversity.

For more information, visit the Jakarta Fair official website.

Let’s take a closer look at anything about the 2024 Jakarta Fair including how to buy the tickets!

A Brief History of Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ)

President Soeharto Opened Jakarta Fair 14 Juni 1969

In 1967, the Chairman of the Kadin (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Mr. Haji Syamsudin Mangan sparked the idea of holding a PRJ. The reason is to unify the night markets that are still spreading in the Jakarta area. He conveyed this idea to the Governor of DKI Jakarta at the time, namely Mr. Ali Sadikin and was welcomed. Then, the Jakarta Fair (PRJ) was held for the first time in 1968. This event was opened by President Soeharto by releasing postal pigeons. The location was in Ikada Field which is known as the National Monument Area.

Interesting Facts about Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ)

The crowds of the Jakarta Fair for All Citizens

This fair once broke the record for the longest grand event. It was held for 71 days in 1969 under the name Djakarta Fair or DF 69. At that time, The President of the United States, Richard Nixon, who was visiting Indonesia, had stopped by the 1969 Jakarta Fair. Then, Pekan Raya Jakarta changed its name to Jakarta Fair. After turning into the Jakarta Fair, this event is held annually by highlighting superior products from various industrial sectors.

Jakarta Fair 2024 Ticket Prices and How to Order

Quoting from the official website, Jakarta Fair 2024 entrance tickets are divided into 4 categories:

Ticket Types

1. Admission Ticket (Without Concert)

Starting from IDR 40,000

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2. Bundling Entrance Ticket + REGULAR Concert

Starting from IDR 80,000

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3. Bundling Entrance Ticket + VIP Concert

Starting from IDR 100,000

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4. Continuous Package Tickets (VIP & REGULAR)

Starting from IDR 450,000

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Make sure to immediately buy presale tickets for the Jakarta Fair 2024 today before they run out, because purchases on other days may result in price increases.

5. Elderly Over 60 Years

The conditions for getting free tickets for seniors aged > 60 years are as follows:

  • Show e-KTP
  • Only valid for 1 visit

6. Children

Following are the FREE admission requirements for children:

  • Height under 1 meter
  • Must take measurements at the counter.

Are you ready to buy tickets? Tickets for Jakarta Fair 2024 can be purchased now online via and

Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Tickets

The following are the terms and conditions that you MUST pay attention to before buying Jakarta Fair 2024 tickets:

  1. Ticket purchases can be made via the official website
  2. Tickets do not need to be printed. Please save this ticket in pdf version.
  3. Entrance Ticket (Without Concert) is a ticket that is valid to enter the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2024 area and cannot enter the concert area.
  4. REG Entrance + Concert Bundling Ticket is a ticket valid for entering the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2024 area and the Regular concert area.
  5. Entry Bundling Ticket + VIP Concert is a ticket valid for entering the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2024 area and the VIP concert area.
  6. Continuous Package Tickets (VIP and REG) are tickets that are valid to enter the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2024 area and the concert area on all specified dates.
  7. Tickets are only valid for 1 person and 1x entry according to the date printed on the ticket.
  8. Tickets that have been purchased cannot be returned.

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PRJ 2024 Operational Hours, Location, Contact

Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2024 will be held for one full month, starting from mid-June to mid-July 2024.

Operating Days and Hours

Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2024:

  • Wednesday, June 12 – Sunday, July 14 2024
  • Monday-Friday > 15.30-22.00
  • Saturday-Sunday > 10.00-22.00

Jakarta Fair Music Concert

  • Wednesday, June 12 – Sunday, July 14 2024
  • Monday-Thursday 19.00-22.00 WIB
  • Saturday-Sunday 19.00-23.00 WIB


Trade Mart Building (Commerce Center Building) JIEXPO Arena Kemayoran

Jalan H Jl. Benyamin Suaeb, RT.13 RW.7, Gn. North Sahari, Sawah Besar District, North Jkt, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10720

Map Google Maps >>

JIEXPO Contact:

(+62-21) 26645-000
(+62-21) 26645-131
(+62-21) 65700-010
Instagram: @jakartafairid

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