Getting Through The Pandemic

Getting Through The Pandemic

As the pandemic goes on from one month to the other, it has continued to dampen our spirits and optimism. We feel lonely, frustrated and unhinged by all that we had to experience. Truly, it is hard to relax, feel balanced, and find some happiness with all the pain and fear going on around us. But that does not mean that all is hopeless as learning to enjoy the passage of time regardless of the situation is one good way to have a joyful, meaningful life.

Try new things

Even though it’s the pandemic, doors and opportunities are still open for you to find. We can’t help it if you want to wallow in your sadness, but you are just doing yourself an injustice by doing just that. Pick yourself up, challenge yourself and change your way of thinking. You can make this time better for yourself and find greater meaning and fulfilment if you can reframe your thinking. You can do this by making some changes and trying new things. By doing some things that are out of the ordinary, who knows you might actually enjoy it?

Think positively

With all the negative energy around us during this pandemic, it’s no wonder that many of us has succumbed to it. It is for that reason we need to change our frame of minds towards a more positive way of thinking to make this pandemic more bearable. However, this sort of attitude takes constant practice to be embedded into your mind. Try fun activities like applying for a dream job or developing a business plan on a daily basis.

Reach out to your loved ones

In addition to the negativity and stress we feel during this pandemic, the lack of social interaction has forced us to rely more on ourselves for company and those few we generally associate with. Of course, we are bound to feel lonely as we miss the company. But rather than feeling down about it, take the necessary steps to reach out to your loved ones whether it be through a text, call or perhaps an email. The pandemic may have a strain on all our social relationships but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of what we have. By doing that, you can make it a deep and fulfilling experience if you just put a little energy into it.

Find hobbies/activities you love

The current trend of Netflix and chill has convinced us that it is one of the forms of entertainment that is enjoyable for our generation. But continuously sitting and watching is not something you can do other than a couple of hours at a time. Fill your days with various activities that brings you joy such as playing with a guitar, going for a walk or taking a boat ride. Doing various activities you enjoy throughout the week will add pleasure to your daily routine.

Be grateful

Finding activities to do in our daily lives may enrich our lives for the better, but also is taking the time to slow down and be grateful of every passing moment. By being more grateful and appreciative of what we already have, is a great way to enjoy life. Not every moment in live is joyful, but some moments are truly special and we should take the time to revel in it. It’s all about looking at the glass half full—rather than the alternative—and seeking new ways to top it off.

Take Some Time to Breathe

This pandemic has halted the activities of even the busiest of us. Whether it is school work or work in general, many people are take a hiatus. There is an upside to this. Your workload has started to lessen and you have more room to breathe. Yet for some people, this breath of fresh air can feel off, where they feel the need to move forward even when the whole world is paused. Don’t feel ashamed of being stagnant, for everyone else is struggling too. Let yourself breathe and give yourself this time to heal and recover. There’s nowhere to go right now, so you don’t have to keep pushing.

Find your circle

It is vastly important to stay connected even if we are socially distancing. No matter what, humans are social creatures and alienation will only lead to stress and depression. The solution is to continue having interactions, even though it is through zoom or skype. It may not seem like it, but making these connections will bring value to your life. If you’re struggling to find connection and support, consider finding an online support group.

Practice Mindfulness

Even when the world seems to be falling apart due to the pandemic, one thing you can do to calm down is practicing mindfulness. Spend some time just being, breathing and practicing mindfulness. Being present and in-the-moment may be easier since you have more time in your schedule, but you can definitely use this skill post-pandemic when things start getting hectic again.