#HealthyDesserts Recipe: Raw Mocha Truffles by Malti

#HealthyDesserts Recipe: Raw Mocha Truffles by Malti

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Meet multi-talented Malti who is a baker specializing in vegan and gluten free cakes and cookies. She is also an English teacher, avid reader and loves to dance. Malti shared 2 healthy, guilt-free desserts at the 3rd What’s Up Chef event recently.


140gr                    Roasted Cashews

180gr                    Mejdool dates

12gr                      Unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Shot                   Coffee (or 1 tsp instant coffee dissolved in s small amount of water or milk)


  1. Prepare shot of coffee or instant and set to the side
  2. Add dates, cashews and cocoa powder to a blender and blend until they become a fine crumb
  3. Add the coffee and continue to blend until combined and become a paste (be careful not to over blend or mixture will be hard to handle).

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