How to Keep Green Chilies Fresh for a Long Time

How to Keep Green Chilies Fresh for a Long Time

If you are worried about how to preserve green chilis and how to enhance its shelf life, here are a few ways using which you can do it successfully. Although green chilis are available around the year, people usually buy them once a week and store them nicely to be used through this time. It is important to preserve it nicely so that you have fresh chilis to add to your dishes whenever you need them.

If green chilies are not stored properly they get spoiled soon.

With this method, you can store green chilies for up to a month.


  • Place green chilies in a colander and wash well
  • Slightly tilt the colander and drain all the liquid
  • Remove the stalk and keep only the good green chilli separately
  • Store the yellow ones separately and use them within 2-3 days. Avoid storing them with green chilli
  • Discard the spoiled ones. If you see some mild damaged green chilli, trim them and store them separately. Use them within 2 days
  • Separate the good fresh ones and spread them
  • Dry them till moisture evaporates. No need to sundry
  • Press them with a paper towel to make sure they are completely dry

Small batch storage for up to a week

  • Place kitchen towel on the storage container
  • Add a good batch of fresh green chilies and wrap the paper towel well to prevent moisture

Forย medium batchย storageย up to a month

  • Always use a wide container for large batch
  • Add a batch of green chili and spread them
  • Place paper towel top and make sure green chilies are not exposed
  • Add another batch of green chili and spread them
  • Cover with paper towel and close lid of the container

Freeze a large batch

  • Use freezer-safe container/zip lock cover
  • Add green chili and fold the zip lock bag to remove the air out of the bags
  • Tightly seal and freeze
  • To thaw take out the required chilli and keep at room temperature for a few minutes and wash in water
  • Fold and tightly seal the ziplock bag. Freeze for later use


  • Remove the stem from the chilies
  • Discard the rotten and mushy chilies.