How to Make Yourself Instantly Likeable


We all speak one common language – body language! Sending signals all day—not only through words but also through our body language. The way we move your eyes, our smile, and so on. Subconscious signals that talk louder than words and make that lasting first impression.

Body language can also be learned and here are 7 ways to make you instantly likeable:



Smile works wonders when you meet someone for the very first time. A genuine smile delivered properly signifies that you truly care for the person. Don’t flash an immediate smile when you greet someone. Pause and look at the other person’s face for a second, and then let a genuine smile flood over your face.



A weak handshake will instantly decrease your likability points. A good handshake is a firm handshake. Use the pressure you would use to grab the stick of a heavy pan. If a person is offering you a weak handshake, don’t squeeze too hard. And always make eye contact as you shake hands.

Upright posture

Stand upright

A straight and firm back lets you articulate your thoughts properly and gives you further confidence while speaking to someone new. Just one thing to be taken care of while doing so is that you must not get too rigid or fixated. Chest out, straight back and relaxed body is the sign of confident person.

Eye contact

Eye contact

This is another most important act of your initial conversation to impart confidence and credibility to your speech. Try to maintain eye contact with your target person throughout the time. Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partner’s. When you must look away, don’t’ do it abruptly. This technique will help you appear more intelligent and insightful.

Epoxy eyes

Epoxy Eyes

In a group of people, you should watch the person you are interested in, no matter who else is talking. If you are concentrating on that person even when they are simply listening, you show that you are extremely interested in his or her reactions.



When you meet someone new, turn your body fully toward them and give them undivided attention. To further improve it, try leaning just slightly towards that person giving an impression that you are eager to listen their thoughts.

Gesticulate when you speak

Not using an articulated movement of arms and fingers while speaking is a bad way to communicate with someone. Gesticulation is completely normal and illustrates your enthusiasm and interest regarding the said topic. But do not end up gesturing a lot, which will make them perceive you as an exaggerating lunatic.