How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Someone


Picking a Gift for SomeoneBirthdays, Anniversaries, welcome and farewell gifts have one thing in common, they require a lot of thought to decide, buy and wrap. The easiest way out is buy flowers for all these occasions. This may work for most people but when it comes to your friends and dear ones, you want to give them something to show that you care.

Where do you start in picking a gift for someone? Well, first think about that person. Try to get into his or her head.

To do that, ask yourself questions about the person’s likes, favorites, topics of conversation, etc. or think about interests, hobbies, or life events that might apply to him or her and browse the internet for gift ideas.
These questions will help you see life from the perspective of the person you are giving to. The more information you can collect about a person, the easier it will be to choose a gift that will really please him or her.

How do you glean this information? Listen and observe (or you can ask a close friend or coworker).

  1. Is the person married? Are there any children or grandchildren?

  2. Will the gift be shared with a family or is it for the individual alone?

  3. How old is the person? Are there any physical limitations that would influence the gift choice?

  4. Where does the person live (in an apartment with others, in a retirement home, in a cold or sunny climate)?

  5. How does he spend his weekends? What does she do in her spare time-garden, needlepoint, write computer programs, scuba dive, haunt antique shops, etc.?

  6. What school grade or profession is he in? Does she love her job or would she prefer not to be reminded of it at gift time? In what organizations is the individual active?

  7. Does the person have a hobby or favorite craft? What does she collect-antique hymnals, miniature bears, teapots?

  8. What does she talk about-the environment, her kids, favorite restaurants, the home team?

  9. What games does he play-bridge, golf, softball?

  10. Where is (or was) he in school? Where does he hope to attend? What is the mascot? What are the school colors?

  11. What does she like to eat or drink? Does he have a favorite restaurant or type of food? Does she like to eat out or cook for a group? Is she a chocoholic? Has he mentioned an allergy to a particular food?

  12. What magazines or books does she bring to the office? What music does he like? Is she a sports fan? Does he go to the theater or to movies? What kind?

  13. What equipment or tools does he borrow from you?

  14. Where does he go on vacations-the mountains, the lake, the city? Where would he like to go? Does he stay in fancy hotels or does he prefer to camp?

  15. Are her ears pierced? What style clothing and accessories does she wear-sophisticated, Western, conservative? Does she wear hair ornaments? What colors does he wear the most or look the best in? Does he wear jewelry?

  16. Has she mentioned a favorite fragrance, flower, brand of cosmetics, candy, author, singer, or musician?

  17. Does he care how his apartment or home is decorated? Does he have a particular style in home furnishings-modern, Southwestern, European, antiques?

  18. What colors are in the bath, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room?

  19. Does he have pets?

  20. Is she a casual or formal person? Practical or sentimental? A joker or strictly proper?