How to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution in Jakarta


With the amount of air pollution that Jakarta has, it’s no surprise that the air is considered to be the unhealthiest in the world. Air pollution has been said to affect the health negatively of sensitive groups with heart conditions, lung cancer and different respiratory diseases in the long run.

Prevent the chances of this happening by reading more of our tips below.

  • Check your air quality

Before finding out the level of protection that you need, it would be wiser to know exactly how high the amount of air pollution is in your city. You can do this by checking the air pollution forecasts in your community, or else scour for information on TV weather reports or newsletters.

  • Choose your route carefully

Air pollution is most commonly found in areas where there are many sources of pollution, such as busy intersections. Taking a detour and finding other streets will definitely help with your health. First, your mental health will most definitely be helped for you will experience less stress. Second, this will be another effective way to avoid heavy traffic, to less traveled roads that have less air pollution. We would also recommend you to avoid tall buildings, as the air pollution will get trapped inside rather than move freely.

  • Remember that timing is everything

Not only do the environment affect the amount of air pollution that you might be inhaling, but it can also be the timing of when you will be heading outside. According to research, pollution tends to increase during the midday which is why this is the time that you should avoid the trafficked roads. Heading to workouts will be more beneficial in the early morning and at night. The midday heat is also said to cause more stress to the body, exacerbating the effects of air pollution to the body.

  • Choose the indoors

If the air pollution is extremely bad in your area, then you can choose to have your workouts indoors. You can even choose to walk indoors in a shopping mall or using the treadmill at the gym to get your daily dose of exercise. Many people tend to favor exercising indoors for this exact reason, avoiding the effects of air pollution.

  • Green Areas are Good for You

Another way to counter the effects of air pollution is to travel to areas with a lot of green plants in it. These greenery areas can definitely help filter air pollution nearby, saving you from the effects of air pollution. Why not go to a nature destination when you can?

  • Face Masks

Masks can be the equivalent of greenery that can counter bad air pollution, but it also comes with certain conditions. Masks should fit snugly to your face, so the air won’t leak around the sides. The air you breathe will therefore be completely filtered from the pollution.

Although air pollution may not seem like the most dangerous of threats for our life, but it can negatively affect our health in the long run. Just by following these tips, you will be able to protect yourself or your loved ones from being harmed in the long run due to the terrible air pollution in Jakarta.