How To : Vaastu for your Home


Map-According-to-VastuIt’s been a part of Indian culture for years, and many claim it works! Go ahead, check it out… Here are the basics of Vastu to help you out.

Right directions :

Over the ages, observations were made about the laws of nature and their effect on human life and dwellings. Some basic principles were developed combining elements of physics, chemistry, astronomy, astrology and cosmology, along with a number of yogic disciplines, which when implemented in building houses, was said to bring good health, happiness, peace and prosperity. That’s what Vastu is all about. Here are some suggestions you may try

North: The element of the North is water, the ruling planet is Jupiter. Since the North signifies wealth and career, it should be left open. Use shades of blue or purple in the north facing areas of your home.

North East : The element of the Northeast is also water, the ruling planet is Mercury. This is the place for worship. Use bright yellow and dazzling white. Avoid building heavy structures in this direction.

East : The element of the East is light, the ruling planet is Venus. Try and construct your doors and windows on this side, along with the dining hall. Make sure the children’s room and washroom are elsewhere. The colours of the East are orange and yellow.

South East : The element of the Southeast is fire, the ruling planet is Moon. The kitchen, electrical items or a fireplace (if you want one) should be in this area in warm shades of orange and bright yellow. Avoid constructing the children’s room or washrooms here.

South : The element of the South is earth, the ruling planet is Mars. This area signifies life, death and legal affairs. Construct the store rooms in this direction, using earthy brown shades. Avoid locating the study room or living room here.

South West : The element of the Southwest is earth. This area signifies fame, income and longevity. No pits, septic tanks or washrooms should be built here. The master of the house should reside in this direction. Use bright red and earthy tones here.

West : The element of the West is air, the ruling planet is Saturn. This area stands for fame, fate and karma. Study rooms and meeting rooms should be built in this direction, using light green, peach or white.

North West : The element of the Northwest is air, the ruling planet is Ketu. This area stands for social life and business communication. No heavy, tall structures should be built in this direction. It’s ideal for an office. Use shades of blue and white.