#Howto: Make Soya Milk curd with a Yogurt Maker by Anuradha Verma

Vegan Soya Milk Yogurt

Vegan, lactose-free soya milk yogurt can be easily made in a curd maker.

A Yogurt Maker is an electrical appliance that is quite similar to a rice cooker and is very useful in setting lactose free vegan yogurts or normal cow milk yogurt during the cold weather. In Indonesia, its easily available on Tokopedia.

To make Soya milk Culture / starter :

*1-2 tbsp of cow milk yogurt
* 1 glass of Soya milk

Mix yogurt and milk together. Put it in the Yogurt maker.  Plug it in. It takes 4-5 hours for yogurt to set.

To make Soya Milk yogurt :
*3-4 tbsp of Soya milk yogurt culture / starter
* 500 ml of Soya milk

Method :
Mix  soya milk culture  / starter and  Soya milk together. Put it in a yogurt maker .Plug it in. It takes approx 10 -11  hrs  for the yogurt to set.

Notes :
* Do not shake, stir or mix the yogurt after setting. Keep it in the fridge for it to firm up
* The yogurt is made best with the following brand of Soya Milk: Australian Own Organic Soya Milk.

It is available in Food Hall,  Ranch Market and Tokopedia
* Sometime whey comes on the top of the yogurt. It can be drained and added to gravies , soups etc
* Since the milk of this brand is unsweetened, the yogurt can be used in both sweet and savory form –  papdi chat,  dahi bhalla,  curd rice,  raitas etc
* There is no need to heat the milk.  If the milk is cold,  keep it outside for 10-15 mins and then make the yogurt.

Anuradha Verma

This HowTo was generously shared by Anuradha Verma