Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Environment: Rita Srivastava

Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Environment - Rita Srivastava

Indoindians Extraordinary Women Awardee for Environment: Rita Srivastava

Rita Srivastava identifies herself as an environmentalist, a naturalist and a proponent of simple living. Wasteful consumption, air and water pollution, indiscriminate use and disposal of plastics, poor garbage separation and disposal, landfill are just some of the problems she dedicates herself towards. These activities make her happier, especially since Jakarta is challenging with so much work that can be done.

Professionally, she started out as a Tea Taster in Kolkata for 7 years, from which she later changed her career towards leather goods manufacture in the US. It is afterwards that she came to Indonesia and experienced love at first sight!

Indonesia, and the beauty of this country, opened her eyes to the degradation caused by humans to the environment. For the past so many years, she has tried in ways both small and large to propagate some simple steps we can all follow – separation of organic kitchen waste from all other garbage; recycling of plastic bags and containers, reuse of paper, conservation of power and water in her homes and many more.

Her vast knowledge of being eco-friendly has opened up doors by developing a line of eco-friendly products. It has even allowed her to work at the grass root level promoting environment friendly products for the community to use.


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