Indoindians Online Event: How to Store and Maintain Your Sarees

Indoindians Online Event How to Store and Maintain Your Sarees

Sarees are a treasure in an any Indian woman’s closet. Many are heirlooms with precious memories and can also be very expensive. If stored properly, then they can last for generations. Yes, with proper care, your saris can look all-new and stand the test of time. Learn from friends on the best practices, tips and tricks to take care of sarees.


Facilitator: Jyoti Chawla


  1. Md Anamika Bhart on saree upkeep
  2. Shanthi Seshadri on Kanjipuram sarees
  3. Nupur Lohia of fabric care
  4. Poonam Sagar on Banarasi sarees

Saree tips by Mdm Anamika BhartiSaree tips with friends