Inspiring Gandhi Stories

Indoindians Online Event Inspiring Gandhi Stories on Friday, 2nd Oct - 11am

Stories have the power to change lives and connect individuals.

Join 10 storytellers as they share stories from Gandhiji’s life of inspiration, hope, challenges, obstacles and more. Celebrating a legacy of inspiration on Gandhi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhiji has shown us how to live by setting an example. He was an ordinary man with an extraordinary will to live his life according to the principles of truth and nonviolence.

Participating storytellers:

  1. Amol Titus
  2. Geeta Seth
  3. Grace Sabandar
  4. Julia Suryakusuma
  5. Rita Srivastava
  6. Yanti Nisro
  7. Rita Thakur
  8. Sachin Gopalan
  9. Shareen Ratnani
  10. Poonam Sagar