Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Celebrate Jakarta


Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Celebrate Jakarta

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It’s the 495th birthday of Jakarta today – 22nd June 2022. From a small port at the mouth of the Ciliwung River, Jakarta has undergone several name changes and continued to grow as a trading center city until it eventually became the city center of power as it is today.

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Our newsletter this week is all about Jakarta – history, facts, attractions, shopping, food and more…

  • Jakarta โ€“ A City With Many Names
  • Unique Facts about Ondel-ondel in Jakarta
  • History of Jakarta
  • Jakarta Facts
  • Interesting Facts on Statues in Jakarta
  • 8 Iconic Natural Attractions In and Around Jakarta
  • In the Mood for a Shopping Spree? Hereโ€™s Our List of #MustVisit Shopping Malls in Jakarta!
  • 3 Places to Get Jamu in Jakarta
  • 7 Souvenirs You Can Buy in Jakarta
  • 6 Legendary Es Campur in Jakarta
  • 7 Legendary Restaurants To Try in Jakarta
  • 16 Restaurants and Cafes with Breathtaking City Views in Jakarta
  • 5 Waterfalls to Visit Near Jakarta

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Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Celebrate Jakarta