Indoindians Zoom Event: All About Marma Therapy with Dr. Prana

Indoindians Zoom Event All About Marma Therapy with Dr. Prana

Indoindians Online Event on Zoom to learn about Marma Vidya from Dr. Parana.

Marma Vidya is an ancient healing practice rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. Marma Therapy, is a highly valued component of Ayurvedic healing, which massages the vital Marma points within our body & supports the healing process of many diseases. These various points are responsible for the circulation of energy, intelligence & prana, (the breath of life). Marma helps develop the body’s immune system, ensures proper balance & flow of hormones & fluids. In addition, fresh life is given to the connecting organs & tissues of the affected areas as well. Marma points are amazing junctions within our body, where our – mind, matter, spirit -meet

The one hour talk explained Marma Vidya, exploring its rich history, therapeutic applications, and transformative potential in self-healing and for integration with other healing practices.

Key Takeaways:
– An understanding of Marma Therapy and its role in promoting holistic wellness.
– Possibility of learning on incorporating Marma Therapy into self-care routine.
– Insights into body’s innate subtle energy system and its role in healing.
– Inspiration and empowerment to embark on a journey of self-healing and transformation.

About Dr. Parna

Dr Prana - Marma Vidya
Dr Prana – Marma Vidya

Dr. Prana is not just a healer but a visionary who empowers individuals to transform their lives, achieve inner peace, and live in harmony with nature. By integrating Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, CranioSacral Work, PEMF therapy, Mindfulness, and Inner Alchemy practices, Dr. Prana offers a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness and transformation. He is dedicated to guiding seekers on a journey towards holistic health and enlightenment.