Indonesia for Adrenaline Junkies


The unique Indonesian landscape and diverse culture undoubtedly provide the tourists many attractions to be explored. You can do almost everything in Indonesia, from leisure traveling in luxury resorts, exploring history of Indonesia, or even do some extreme and thrilling activities.

For adrenaline junkies, Indonesia also has many extreme activities for you to explore. No need to go abroad, you can do these 5 extreme activities in Indonesia:

  1. Rafting at Asahan River
    Rafting Asahan

    If you love (extreme) water sport, Asahan River in North Sumatera can be your choice. The river stream at Asahan River is perfect for rafting. The flow rate in Asahan River is around 20m3 per second and considered as grade 4 to 5 for rafting. National and international rafting competition often takes place at Asahan River. It is also said that Asahan River is the third best rafting spot in the world after Zambesi in Africa and Colorado in the US.
    How to get there: from Kualanamu Airport Medan, you can take a 4 hours land trip to Kisaran city. Then, continue the trip to Pulau Raja village, then Bandar Pulau sub-district until you arrive at Tangga village, Aek Song-songan sub-district or Parhiteanโ€”around 90 kilometers from Kisaran or 1,5 hours land trip.
  2. Paragliding at Matantimali Mountain
    Paragliding at Matantimali
    If you want to visit Central Sulawesi, you must not miss paragliding on the top of Matantimali Mountain. Matantimali Mountain is also dubbed as one of the best paragliding spots in Indonesia. While paragliding, you can enjoy the beauty of Palu city, as the mountain is 1000 meters above the sea level.
    How to get there: from Mutiara Sis Aljufri Airport Palu, you can take angkot to Marawola village. From Marawola, you can take ojek (motorbike taxi) or angkot to Porame village. Continue the trip to Matantimali with ojek.
  3. Rock climbing at Harau Valley
    Rock climbing Harau valley

    Harau Valley is often dubbed as the โ€˜heavenโ€™ for rock climbing enthusiasts. Located at Payakumbuh, West Sumatera, around 2 hours land trip from Padang. The height of the valley is 300 meters and it is surrounded by few hills such as Singkarat, Tarangtang, Jambu, and Air Putih hill. If you manage to climb to the top, you can see four waterfalls that stream through Harau Valley: Sarasa Ayelolui, Sarasa Bunta, Sarasa Murai, and Sarasa Ayeange.
    How to get there: from Minangkabau airport, take a land trip to Bukittinggi. From Bukittinggi, continue the trip to Payakumbuh for around 33 km. The distance between Payakumbuh and Harau Valley is around 18 km. For easier trip, you can rent a car (it costs Rp650.000, including driver fee and fuel).
  4. Blue Lagoon Cliff Jumping in Bali
    Blue lagoon
    Located at Nusa Ceningan, Bali, this activity will give you extraordinary experience. In Blue Lagoon Cliff Jumping, you will jump from a 13 meters high cliff and the sea waves waiting below you. The best time to try this extreme activity is during summer (June to September). Unfortunately there is no medical and safety procedure here so if you really want to try this activity, make sure the sea wave is not too high and there are people around you.
    How to get there: from Ngurah Rai airport, it will take around 40 minutes to reach Sanur Beach. From Sanur, continue the trip for around 30 minutes to Jungut Batu or Lembongan by speedboat. To reach Ceningan from Jungut Batu you can walk across suspense bridge. It is recommended to rent motorbike from Jungut Batu, as the driver will also help you to get to Ceningan.
  5. Surfing at Mentawai

    As a maritime country, it is not surprising if Indonesia has many diving and surfing spots. Mentawai area is located around 150 km from the Indian Ocean and consists of four main islands: Pagai Utara, Pagai Selatan, Sikakap, and Sibora. You can enjoy beach scenery or try to surf at the beach. The sea wave at Mentawai is 1,5 to 4,5 meters and it is considered as one of the best waves in Indonesia. There are total 72 surfing spots with various wave characteristics to be explored in Mentawai.
    How to get there: there are many ways to go to Mentawai. You can take a flight from Minangkabau International Airport to Rokot Sipora Airport at Sipora Island, but it only flies 3 times a week (every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday). If you prefer sea trip, you can take a ship from Laut Bungus harbor at Padang. There are many ship options you can choose there.

Do you dare to try these activities?