Interview with Malini Ramani

Malini Ramani Designer

Malini Ramani is a Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She discovered her fashion for making glamorous clothes for women in 2000. Malini’s design philosophy is to create clothes that she would love to wear herself. She believes in vibrant colors and the glamorous look. She also has `Malini Ramani` store, the first Indian designer store in Bali.

Her design philosophy is simple: only create clothes that she would love to’ wear herself. She believes in vibrant color, plunging necklines, and loads of glamour. But the best way to identify a `Malini Ramani` piece is through the shine, sparkle and sexy look. Her clothes are glamorous and provocative, and are not for the timid client, with lots of beading, sequins and embroidery adorning feminine, figures hugging cuts.
Today, Malini is one of India`s leading designers, with her sexy clothes sparkling on the cocktail circuit from Bombay to Monte Carlo to Beirut to Moscow. Her super-flash and sexy cut clothes are a hot favorite with Bollywood starlets, transforming them into `Millennium Indian Love Goddesses`!
Malini`s dream is to have her own Resort boutiques on magical tropical islands around the globe.

Poonam Sagar met with fashion designer from India Malini Ramani this week at the India house in Jakarta and this is what she had to say…

You are the 1st Indian designer with a signature store in Bali. What prompted you to open your store in Bali?
I had opened my store in Bali but closed it down after the Bali bombings. I am in the process of setting up a new store in Bali currently. I love beaches and especially Bali. My restaurant Congo was in Goa as a fun project for 3 years.
What do you think of this opportunity to work with Indonesian textiles for the Festival India?
This is a wonderful opportunity and so exciting. We looked at the ‘batiks and ikats’ yesterday with the Femina group. So much inspiration and I am looking forward to a whole new collection based on this inspiration.

What would you describe as style?
I have always designed keeping in mind wear ability and glamour. All my clothes are what I would like to wear, comfortable, chic and stylish.

What would you say to aspiring designers?
Follow your dream. I studied to be a fashion merchandiser and it gave me a great insight into fashion. I do not know how to stitch and have not studied design and drawing. It’s my concept and vision which I translate with my team into my collections.
Ace designer Malini Ramani
Ace designer Malini Ramani