9. Poem ‘Madhumay Prithibir Dhuli’ (Sweet is the Earth’s dust) of the book AROGYA (Recovery) written on the 14th Feb. 1941, the year of the Poet’s death at the age of 80.

Translator’s note: In his various essays marvelously interpreting the perceptions of Upanishada (the oldest scripture written/compiled by the sages in India 4000 years back), Tagore illustrates us that everything from the dust of this earth to the stars and planets of the cosmos are imbued with Anandam (Divine Joy) and Amritam (Immortality). This poem conveys us the same message.

Sweet is the Heaven so the Earth’s dirt
That I’ve lifted close to my heart“
As my supreme hymn
Life’s ultimate to deem.
All gifts of Truth day by day
That I had, have no decay
So at Death’s threshold
Resounds the Mantra (*) age old (*religious hymns)
With the joy of eternity
Resplendent, defying all losses petty.
With Earth’s last touch
For final flight as I’ll perch“
“My forehead I’ve anointed”“ I’ll declare
“With Your dust seen the eternal glare
Beyond the havoc of the tempest
Deluding the Immortal’s joyous form truest;
In Your dust that is manifest“
So on it my head I rest.”