Make Popcorn Jewellery


Make Popcorn Jewellery

For any children, making macaroni jewelery is already a common activity. It’s both fun and incites creativity for the children. Take it to the next level by including popcorn jewellery, which adds a fun variety to the activity. Try it out!

Material :

  • A bowl of prepared popcorn
  • A small bowl
  • ¼ cup margarine or vegetable shortening
  • Food colouring
  • A small microwave bowl with a lid
  • A blunt embroidery needle
  • Thread

Instructions :

  1. Colour the popcorn. Use a single colour or as many colours as you like.
  2. Thread the needle with a length of string… about 18” for a necklace, 6” to 7” for a bracelet. Make Popcorn Jewellery
  3. Carefully thread the needle through popcorn until you have almost filled up your string.
  4. Leave enough string at both ends to tie.
  5. The necklace may be tied and then worn, but tie the bracelet onto your wrist.
  6. Use a double knot, or the thread will slip out of the knot.


Options :
Alternate the popcorn with coloured macaroni or with plastic beads.