Mental Golf


One of the keys to playing well is the ability to relax and play without stress and tension. Once you are relaxed, the key to playing at your best is your ability to become poised to enter the zone. This is quite an undertaking for the average golfer, but poise under pressure is what all great golfers have in common.
The four-step routine in “The Mental Keys”;

1) feedback response,

2) relax,

3) preparation and

4) instinctive execution.

Once you make your shot whether it was good or bad, learn from the feedback. Since it’s over and is now just history, take the time to clear your mind and relax before you prepare for your next shot.
So if you want to lower your score, forget about scoring. Focus on becoming relaxed and poised. This is what great players do.

Source: Michael Anthony’s book: THE MENTAL KEYS to Improve Your Golf .