Mesjid Agung Banten


Mesjid Agung Banten (Banten Grand Mosque)
Jalan Mesjid Agung
Serang, 100 kilometers west of Jakarta
Jakarta 42191
Phone Number: +62 254 200 010 (Dinas Pariwisata Kabupaten Serang)

Built around 1566 by Sultan Maulana Yusuf of the Banten Sultanate, this mosque was designed in a typical Banten architecture, with subtle Chinese, Hindu and Islamic influences. The present pyramidal teak roof replaced the original, which was devastated by a fire in 1970. A small museum exhibits ceremonial daggers (the kris) once belonging to the sultanate family.

In the front yard towers a minaret, built between 1560 and 1570. Once used as a lighthouse, it affords a delightful panorama of Banten’s harbor.

Dress modestly, and remove shoes before entering. Women must wear head scarves.