2. Poem ‘Prarthana’ (Prayer) from the book “Naibedya” (‘Offering’)

Translator’s note :

I have restructured the Poet’s own English translation of this poem which is in prose form.. The readers will judge how far my attempt of rhyming has been worthwhile here. However, the original poem was written at the dawn of the 20th century while talk of ‘globalization’ was a far cry. But the Poet preached it in those days, albeit,from a humanistic angle, as opposed to the ‘commercial’ noises we hear now-a-days in the name of ‘globalization’.

Where the mind is without fear,
Head held high for a vision clear
Of a world not fragmented
By parochial walls elated
Where from the deepest truth the words fount
Human toils for an excellence to mount;
Wisdom serene not weary
In aimless search through desert dreary
But thoughts are flowered by Thee
Into myriad creativity
For that heaven’s sake,
O Lord, let my country awake.



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