Party Game

Party Game

What a long journey

Make a list of 15 railway stations. On fifteen sheets of paper write these fifteen names and adding the names of two more stations that do not figure on your list on each sheet. Put up these fifteen sheets of paper all around your house. Tell the players the names of the starting point and the destination. Your guests have to find the trail that leads them from the first station to the last.

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Balloon Game
Here’s a boisterous game that’ll have all your guests jumping and hopping. Give each of them one balloon and a piece of string. Each one of them has to tie the balloon to his left ankle. Players have to burst the other balloon while keeping theirs intact. The winner is the one who has his balloon till the end of the game

Players are given different names (cities, countries, etc) and asked to stand in a circle. One person stands at the centre and calls out two names. The two people whose names are called out have to quickly swap positions while the person at the centre tries to get into one of the empty spaces. If he manages to get into an empty space he gets the name of the person who was supposed to take that position. Whoever is left without a place is the person in the middle for the next round.

Dumb Chinese Whisper
A few people are taken out of the room. One of the person’s in the room is asked to mime an idea (something like- ‘learning to ride a bicycle’, ‘bathing a buffalo’ etc). One of the people initially taken out of the room, is called back to witness the mime. He then has to enact what he thinks was enacted by the first person. A second person is called in to watch the mime and re-enact it. This continues till the last person is called in. Then all the participants are asked to identify what they’ve mimed.

Musical Chairs
Here’s an old favourite. To begin with you’ll need a number of chairs, one less than the total number of people in the game. You will have to line up the chairs in two rows, placed back to back. Play a short piece of lively music while the people move around the chairs. When the music stops everyone has to try and sit on a vacant chair. (Only ONE person per chair) The person who doesn’t find a chair is out. One chair is taken away and the game continues until only one person (The Winner) is left.

I have never
Each player is given several counters (buttons, coins, etc.). The players sit in a circle. Each person tells of something they have never done (example: I have never visited or I have never travelled in a boat). Anyone who has done this must give the speaker one of his toothpicks or pennies. After four or five rounds, the person with the most tokens wins.

Make a mummy
Group your guests into teams of three and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Two of the team members have to wrap the third with the toilet roll to make him look like an Egyptian Mummy. The team that makes the neatest mummy within the time limit wins the game.

Design a dress
Want to see how good your friends are as designers? Check out this game. Make teams of three. Give each team a couple of newspapers and about a dozen safety pins. Each team has to create a shirt, a pair of trousers, a skirt or a jacket with the newspaper and the pins (without a pair of scissors). One of the team has to wear the ‘creation’. The best made design wins.