PISCES: Astrological Predictions for 2021


Pisces: A Cut Above The Rest!

2021 should be a year to reap benefits for your previous efforts. For two years, Saturn will be in Capricorn, which is in the 11th house of gains for Pisceans, promising real gains through your karma.

This year value your relationships and try to support your family & friends in their turbulent times. It is time to learn something new and enhance your communication skills, as one needs to be expressive enough to make the cut above the rest.

Your spiritual energy will bring positive changes in your life. Your partner will give you a lot of support, which will give you courage to face all challenges. The second half of the year will be packed with interesting events so find a good team for better organization. Your personal life will also see a lot of positive changes and it will be helpful to make more concrete decisions.

You may find yourself lucky this year and you may get gains in the field of real estate. Stay calm by meditating, as you are on to something big.

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Sundeep Kochar Celebrity Astrologer and Vaastu ConsultantPredictions for year 2021 by Dr Sundeep Kochar