Predictions for 2023 by Dr Sundeep Kochar: New Year, New Beginning, New Challenges with New Opportunities


2023 – New Year, New Beginning, New Challenges with New Opportunities, predicts Dr Sundeep Kochar,  internationally renowned celebrity Astrologer, Vaastu Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Actor, Anchor & Author; He has touched the lives of people across the globe and shares his predictions for 2023 with

The world has witnessed a lot of turbulence in the last three years: be it Health, Economy, War and so on. The challenges are many, yet the adaptability of mankind is such that we not only live but find ways to thrive. Those who have a strong spiritual connection will feel that there is equanimity in all states of mind and situations.

We can create opportunities or crib over challenges; it’s all in our hands. A person with superior spiritual understanding will just focus on his Dharma, will keep doing his Karma and leave everything else to God. Use the knowledge of astrology to understand your potential to deal with the challenges and become successful. Success is a journey, and every milestone will propel you towards your next goal. Keep exploring yourself till you realise your true potential.

In the start of 2023, Saturn which was in retrograde in Capricorn will move back to Aquarius and will stay there for the entire year. Jupiter will transit from Pisces to Aries, in the month of April, moving from its own house to a friendly house which is the first house of Kaal-purush. Rahu which has been in the house of Aries will move to Pisces in November.

Saturn will be in its own house of Aquarius for the whole of 2023 and will be more philosophical and comfortable. Jupiter in Pisces will be more spiritual and will help you to understand that human life is about a balance between spiritual advancement and material pursuits. Jupiter in Aries will demonstrate a rush of enthusiasm and will propel you to do things that you always wanted to do, with boundless optimism. Rahu in Aries tends to make people think emotionally. Rahu in Pisces will also have a similar emotional impact on people whose moon sign is Pisces.

Transit of Jupiter in Aries joining Rahu, in the month of April, will create a Guru Chandaal Dosh, causing a scenario of global recession. So, one needs to refrain from over investing in the stock market, cryptocurrencies or taking any kind of risk in the year 2023 as the conjunction of Jupiter-Rahu will create a global economic meltdown like it was in the year 2008 & 2009.

Realise your strengths and work on your weaknesses. It is important to understand your strengths and adapt them to your advantage to realise your dreams, become successful and attain true happiness.

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 Astrological predictions for the 12 signs as below:

Aries: Chips are down, but try to be at your optimistic best


You will be ambitious, energetic, and intense in trying to achieve your goal; but Rahu being in your own house will make you feel clueless. Try to be careful as many will try to draw your energy and make you feel tired emotionally.

In April, Jupiter will move to Aries, and you will be even more comfortable and energetic to start new initiatives and focus on your career. Listen to your inner self and act on those actions that are beneficial for the greater good. Since you have the energy and power to make changes, use it for the greater good without compromising on your own self.

For those who are in love, you will be attentive in meeting the needs of your loved ones. Your partner will gain confidence in your actions and sincerity by the second half of the year, and hence patience is key.

Manage your health as you will be subjected to a lot of stress, anxiety, and burnouts. Try to do a lot of Yoga or aerobics to keep yourself fit. Meditation will help you in gaining control of your mind and body, to calm your energy and keep you in balance throughout the year.

Taurus: Get ready for rewards as this is the year of Growth


The year 2023 should help you focus on meeting your career goals and objectives. Those who have worked hard in the past one year should enjoy the fruits of their labour.

This year you will be rewarded for all the demanding work, and you will gain some monetary rewards. Use it for the welfare of your family or in reducing your outstanding debts.

Jupiter in the 12th house from Taurus will bring a major change in 2023. There is a high chance of overseas travel be it business or employment, from the month of April. Career will be your main priority this year and you will be spending a lot of time ensuring that your family is in a sound position. That approach will itself take you closer to your spouse, children, and family members.

Spend time with your partner and make your relationship stronger as it needs some attention. You will work towards the greater good and strike a balance between creating wealth and strengthening family relationships. This year is a great year provided you master the art of managing expectations and goals.

Gemini: Realise your strengths and be prepared to enter a new phase of life


This year it is important to understand your strengths and work towards that. Your ability to find success in multiple sources or fronts will be tested and will push you to focus on one field. Jupiter in the 11th house will bring major gains throughout the year.

That itself will lead you to an interesting phase of your life, as your strength lies in your diverse expertise and at the same time success will come from your focus on a certain area of your work. How you transform your strengths and remain focused, will determine your direction in life.

This is the year where you will find your partner more accommodating and supportive of your needs. Both of you will explore the meaning of life and marriage. People who are willing to get married may find their soul mate. Further, those who are in a relationship will now be ready to take the plunge of settling with their partner.

In April, you will realise that focus has been your driver and you should use it to your advantage. People in the field of banking, sales and marketing will thrive better than others.

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Cancer: Continue with what you did last year but with more rigor and success will be on its way

cancer-astrological-predictions-for-2018The new year is full of wonderful possibilities for

Keep doing what you have done since last year, and you will find new possibilities in life; be it career or love life. By now you should have learned the important lessons of life, attained maturity and are ready to face the world with new force and energy. Transit of Saturn in the 8th house may create some hindrances and delays, learn to be patient.

Till April, you should continue to develop relationships and work with full force to achieve your desired results. Post April, you can take the next step in your relationship as your spouse will be your strength. For those who are single, there is a high chance of getting married and for those who are married, you will be expanding your family.

Students who are still in school and college, this is the year to focus on earth sciences and hidden sciences. It is time to work hard behind the scenes and surprise everyone with your results.

You need to be careful with your health. Try to incorporate an exercise regime in your lifestyle and keep a track on your food habits. Practice meditation as it is equally important for your growth.

LEO: This the year of spiritual transformation and new partnerships


The year 2023 will be interesting for those who are single, as they are likely to find a stable partner. The ones who are married will realise that marriage is the bedrock of institution. This year your love life may take an important route.

Family and siblings are close to your heart. This is the year when they will look up to you for direction, so be ready to give your time towards their development. Transit of Saturn in the 7th house of relationship will make you face some kind of challenges with your spouse, give quality time to create harmony.

Those who are in business must have established a good relationship in the last year. Maintain this relationship and develop it further to bear good fruits. Those in-service businesses involving human capital will have a growth in wealth. People working in finance and banking, art and theatre will have a higher chance of success.

Focus and keep your body and mind in the right spirit. In April, you have a chance to start charity to give back to the society. Respecting elders and focusing on spiritualism has always been beneficial to you and to the society at large.

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Virgo: Highs or Lows, your career will take a turn and your love life is there for you to conquer


Those in business, expect gains and losses and accept them with equanimity. These crest and troughs are life lessons for you to become stronger. People working in the field of journalism, communication, transportation, diplomacy, and manpower services will see a lot of growth in their career.

By this time a lot of singles who were keen to settle should have found partners and those who didn’t should continue to find a suitable partner till April. In April, you will start a new phase in your life which will help you in finding your true self during the year.

Transit of Jupiter in the 8th house will motivate students to pursue higher education and many may take an interest in the occult sciences. Try to learn as much as you can from elders especially from your parents, teachers, and those you trust since the very beginning. Seek their guidance and enrich yourself.

You should use your skills of planning and structure to combine it with smooth and disciplined communication to enhance your career. You will see that your colleagues and juniors will listen and accept your view and support your vision. Just take careful steps and use diplomacy to win bigger battles.

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Libra: This is the year of stability and new opportunities, focus is key.


Transit of Jupiter in the 7th house will help Librans to get married this year. That said it is good to take advice from elders or people you trust, before committing to your partner. For those who have understood the purpose of life or who have put in the hard work, will see stability and sustainable rewards in relationships, work, and health.

The same applies to business and those who are building new partnerships. Real estate, agriculture, construction, and people in the jewellery industry will do well this year. Try to be creative and imaginative in figuring out solutions to challenges and make use of any kind of opportunities that come your way. Those who are in the speculative trade need to tread carefully as you can see some windfall which can go in either direction.

Only those who have tried to calm their nerves and have kept a steady mind will be able to focus on larger goals and achieve success that lie ahead this year. Be careful with extravagant expenditures as it may put you in financial strain. It is better to avoid any investments or partnerships that involve any kind of risk.

Scorpio: Maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.


Transit of Saturn in the 4th house from Scorpio, will bring a change in your place of living. Possibility of shifting to another city or country is also on the cards. Try to be grounded and focus only on those areas that you are good at.

Your family has always been a pillar of your strength and you need to give them the confidence that you are up to the task. Spend more time with them as they deserve all your attention. Bachelors may get married this year before April.

On career front, keep it steady and do not rock the boat this year. Those who work with people, mining, occult sciences, and networking will shine very well this year. Placement of Rahu in the 6th house will help you to overcome your competitors. Meditation will help you in balancing your energy.

There will be a trade-off between work life balance, and you need to take a call on which area to give more focus. On your health side, focus on your dietary habits and keep a regular health check. Those who can understand the art of balancing will ride the wave better. For those who need further advice, it is always good to consult a mentor, advisor or even a good astrologer or contact Dr Sundeep Kochar here >> to get more details.

Sagittarius: Focus on building partnerships – be it love or business.


For those who are married, it’s time to focus and enjoy the tiny moments in the relationship. There is a possibility of expansion of your family and for those who already have children, they will add more joy to your life. You will get rid of ‘Sade Saati’ after 7.5 years, on 17th January 2023. From April, those who are single will get married.

By now you would have planned for all the challenges ahead of you and would be working arduously towards victory. You will see a growth in your position and will have to take on more responsibilities. Use your smartness and sharpness to find opportunities, work towards them and success will surely find its way.

People in accounts, finance, law, and professional services will find great success in 2023. You will get into some good partnerships. However, ensure due diligence has been undertaken before entering any business deals or forging a new partnership.

You have a golden opportunity to start something big for the benefit of mankind. Think diligently, plan carefully and grab every opportunity that comes your way. This is one of the best years and you should maximize your gains.

Capricorn: 2023 should give you good results provided you work for it.


The last leg of ‘Sade Saati’ will end on a happy note, creating new opportunities. This year should be good on many fronts. Saturn owns the Capricorn and Aquarius houses. Saturn is currently transiting into Aquarius in the month of January. 2023 will be a better year, provided you work for it, as Saturn is the lord of Karma.

It is a good time for romance and passion. For those who are married, your relationship with your spouse will go up a notch higher. It is a great time to understand each other and delve in each other’s strengths and work towards a common goal. Your spouse will be your biggest supporter and you will be the same for them.

Career or business is going to be very good this year. All the efforts will bear fruits and you will keep getting success on all fronts. You will win your opponents and friends with your diplomacy and wit as you always have multiple options up your sleeve. It is not a bad space to be in but do not overindulge or it may backfire.

Aquarius: Accept responsibilities, you are going to make it big this year.


This is one of the most interesting years for you in terms of your career, fame, and rewards. You need to work hard and have a single-minded focus to achieve your objectives.

Saturn in its own house will help you focus on your work with more emphasis on forward thinking and philosophical bent of mind. This will be the perfect time for social enterprise, politics or activity that will benefit the society at large.

You will be focussing more on service-oriented business and those who are in employment will have an opportunity to create value at work. Your desire to do better will keep increasing, so keep putting the efforts as you will be reaping a lot of rewards along the way.

Jupiter will move from Pisces to Aries from April, so you need to be careful with your communication and try to be more diplomatic. It’s time to turn inwards and dwell on a stronger inner strength and courage. You will receive a lot of support on challenges that lie ahead. Your siblings will be your area of focus and attention. Make sure to give them ample time and energy.

Pisces – You are the master of wisdom, and this year will be a start of a new journey.


Your career will be rock solid this year. You should take that as your base and work on bigger goals. Overseas travel and businesses will come knocking your way. Embrace it if it is beneficial and useful to you.

Make sure you have the support of your colleagues in your business initiatives. Career will give you a lot of success and you will march towards leadership roles. Stay calm, meditate, and focus on the big picture. Success is there for you to take but control your emotions and be calm to manage any situation.

This year your journey will be exciting and enterprising; embrace it and you will live life to the fullest. Your partner will give you a lot of support and courage to face any situation. You will see some challenges from November onwards, so be careful and try not to take any risk.

Your spiritual energy will bring a positive change in you, and your diligent work will push you to excel in the areas of your strength. Planning is your strong point, so work towards a set plan and you will be more grounded and focused on the task that is in your way.

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